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Learn to use modelling and design programs from Autodesk. Learn Autodesk programs such as AutoCAD, Maya and Revit. Professionals within the fields of architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, or entertainment will benefit from the Autodesk training courses below!
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Autodesk Training

Autodesk is such a relevant software in the design industry that most professionals who work in this sector have at least some familiarity with the program and those entering are usually required to undergo some Autodesk training. Courses in Autodesk range in skill level and can be taken by beginners who need an introduction or by advanced professionals who want to focus on more specific skills.

Most programs are taught by Autodesk certified instructors and cover topics such as:

  • Introduction to BIM and Autodesk Revit
  • Getting Started with AutoCAD
  • Basic Systems Tools
  • HVAC Networks
  • Advanced Editing Commands
  • Advanced Layouts
  • Revit Architecture Interface & Navigation
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Creating Construction Documents
  • Configuring Templates & Projects Standards

AutoCAD by Autodesk

Without a doubt the foremost in CAD software programs, AutoCAD is the most commonly used by drafting and design professionals across all industries. It is the flagship of the Autodesk software suites. Currently in its 30th version, AutoCAD is used worldwide and is available on a number of different operating systems and platforms, including Linux, Android, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Much of the programs consistent popularity and success can be attributed to its broad capacities. Professional development training in AutoCAD is usually dissected into purpose and skill level. Generally Autodesk training courses in AutoCAD guide users through a wide range of skills, including:

  • Creating complex solids
  • Modifying 3-D objects
  • Converting objects 
  • Adjusting view angles 
  • Animations
  • Introductory courses in AutoCAD tend to focus on basic skills such as building templates, utilizing symbols and working with various drawing tools. 
  • Revit – Powerful Software for Architecture and Engineers

Autodesk Revit

Similar to AutoCAD, Revit is specifically designed for architects. Originally developed in the late 1990’s, Revit was brought into the Autodesk family of software programs in 2002. Originally a monthly service, Revit was intended to provide architects with a 3-D design and modelling program. Revit stood out from similar modeling software from the very beginning, in that it allows the user to create a consistent model. This means that changes made within a design reflect on the design as a whole. Changes are not isolated and if one aspect of the design is adjusted or changed in any way, the entire model reacts. Autodesk training in Revit is very beneficial and necessary for architects to keep up with the latest features and progress in their career. 

Autodesk for Gaming, Animation and Professional Video Programs

In addition to their status as modelling and design pioneers in the architecture and engineering sectors, Autodesk also offers a number of programs for modelling, animation, simulation and rendering for game developers and designers. Autodesk programs specifically for games, tv and video include:

  • 3ds Max Design
  • Maya
  • MotionBuilder
  • FBX Review

Autodesk training courses in these programs guide participants in skills for working through program interface navigation and the most effective order of operations for given tasks .Gain design skills to work more efficiently and organize workflows to streamline productivity.