Leaders "Burn Bright" With Resilience Training

L&D professionals recently cited resilience and adaptability as 2021's "power skill" for employee development. In response to this finding, findcourses.com published Resilience: the Power Skill of the 2021 Workplace. Training expert, Center for Creative Leadership amplifies the message by explaining how leaders can leverage resilience as a recharge tool for peak performance.

L&D professionals in North America recently cited resilience and adaptability as the most important development skill for 2021. In response to this finding, findcourses.com published the article, Resilience: the Power Skill of the 2021 Workplace. It offers a comprehensive and practical understanding of the organizational, professional, and personal impact of this transformational skill.

We asked the experts, our training suppliers, to share their knowledge on this subject. If you're interested to know how resilience rituals engage and motivate, then read below from Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

Ask the Expert: CCL on Resilience as a Recharge Tool for Peak Performance

Elite performers in every field understand that individual and team peak performance and productivity do not come from blindly pushing harder and working longer.

Sustained individual, team, and organizational excellence is built on a foundation of resilience and energy – consistent, intentional practices which help us “burn bright” rather than burn out.

Over the course of the last year we’ve seen demand sharply rise for all of our resilience courses, as many organizations understand the importance of employee wellbeing to long-term business success. In post program surveys we see consistent impact, with participants reporting they find the content highly relevant and that they’re using the tools immediately.

Through our work with clients, we see the most common obstacle and response to creating the conditions to “burn bright” being a perceived lack of time. So, a core component of CCL’s approach to resilience is its focus on the power of the “energy microburst.” We can achieve a meaningful energy and positivity boost in small time periods of 12 minutes or less.

Our sessions teach participants how research-based recharge tactics – gratitude, mindfulness, movement, awe, savoring the moment, music, breathing exercises, etc. –  practiced in short bursts throughout the day build the foundation for new energy routines and rituals.

With many employees working from home, our virtual program focuses on practices that can be applied easily by individuals, wherever they are. Some recommendations we give for building resilience during pandemic protocols include tips around establishing boundaries between work and home life, which have merged for many.

We suggest setting “Out of Office” replies during lunch, after work hours, and on weekends. Another great practice is to take calls outside when possible – even better if you can set at least one recurring meeting to be a “walk and talk” to get some exercise when video calls aren’t necessary.

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