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Building Resiliency to Gain an Edge

L&D professionals recently cited resilience and adaptability as the most important skill for employees to develop in 2021. In response to this finding, published the article, Resilience: the Power Skill of the 2021 Workplace. It offers a comprehensive understanding of this transformational skill.

We asked some of our training suppliers to share their expertise on this subject. Read on to see what provider, ImprovEdge, related to us about resiliency as a central characteristic of skillful improvisers.

Ask the Expert: ImprovEdge on the Edge of Resilience at Work

Right now, leaders are challenged to manage change, transform teams and processes, and build talent – all without the benefit of in-person work with their colleagues. There has never been a better time to be an improviser.

As over 95% of our clients switched from in-person training to virtual training overnight, we worked overtime to make sure we showed up as improvisers to support our stakeholders during an incredibly uncertain time. As we improvised, we built stronger connections, learned from our challenges, and became more resilient. We had been doing work in the field of resiliency for years, and when COVID-19 hit, we improvised and applied that work to the virtual world.

Resiliency is a key attribute of great improvisers. Professional improvisers adapt in the moment and bounce back with agility when they are met with a challenge on stage, similarly to how high performing companies seem to always bounce back in difficult situations.

How do you show up for your team?

We rely on the simple, elegant behaviors that improvisers use to build trust and relationships. Three foundational aspects of Resiliency:

  1. Connect: What can I learn by asking someone about their day? We engage in an exercise around connections and reinforce the experience with research on the effect connections have on our brains.

  2. Lead with empathy: What can I do to see a situation from the other person’s perspective? In this section we participate in an exercise on how reflections support diverse ways to show up with empathy.

  3. Drop assumptions and ask questions: What kind of open-ended questions can I ask to learn more before offering an opinion or solution?

These tips keep us focused on building long-term connections with colleagues and productive, efficient work.

Want to learn more about resilience? Download's free whitepaper.

About ImprovEdge

More than ever companies and individuals need interactive training experiences that change behavior with engaging virtual and in-person learning. Plus game-changing coaching that brings out the full potential of their leaders. What we want to do is use some improvising skills to tackle some really uncomfortable moments and acknowledge them with integrity and honesty. ImprovEdge has been delivering business training for over 20 years and it's not just virtual, it's meeting people where they are and being creative no matter what the platform is. Our training is for companies that expect high impact, results-oriented transformation through work that is research-based and supported by neuroscience. In fact, that is the ImprovEdge.


We combine improvisation and neuroscience to develop flexible, adaptable, positive leaders and teams. We provide business skills training on the following topics:

  • Leadership Development
  • Transforming Culture
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

This is all done through live-virtual, live-in person, and asynchronous workshops, trainings, and coaching sessions. Come experience the #ImprovEdge

Want to learn more about resiliency from ImprovEdge? 

See Building Resiliency course details

Last updated: 30 Jun 2021

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