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22 Jul 2019

Hiring a Business Continuity Professional

No matter what your business, it’s operating in an increasingly complex world fraught with risks and vulnerabilities.

An investment in business continuity management is your best bet to meet these challenges while honoring obligations to your customers, shareholders, partners, and employees. Business continuity management will reduce risks, minimize losses, and help your organization meet contractual obligations. Hiring the right business continuity professionals will enable your organization to withstand any crisis and come through even stronger. Because of the importance of these positions, more and more organizations are exclusively recruiting certified business continuity professionals.

Whether your organization is only beginning to build a comprehensive business continuity program or looking to find that one experienced business continuity professional to lead it, DRI International has developed a guide to help you entitled Hiring a Business Continuity Professional — free to download!  If the right hire seems like an important decision now, wait until you're faced with a crisis. 

Download DRI's Hiring Guide

Last updated: 22 Jul 2019

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