HOW TO Develop Virtual Team Trust Agreements

When you work unseen and interact through screens, it can take time to build trust on a team. This virtual team-building activity can get you started.


This is a guest article by Tara Powers, CEO, Powers Resource Center

If you interface with your colleagues through screens, you probably understand the gravity and importance of team trust.  When you do your work unseen by others and on your own schedule, you and your teammates must be accountable and have each other’s back.

And it takes time to build trust on a team, but it starts with a foundation of respect, understanding and acceptance. 

Where do you begin? This virtual team-building activity is a great place to assemble the foundation for a trusting AND trustworthy team.

Follow these steps to cultivate this virtual team-building activity in your virtual or hybrid workplace:

1.  Introduce the purpose of the activity.

2.  Set up breakout rooms of 3-5 people.

3.  Share stories of what team trust looks like.

4.  Identify behaviors that build trust.

5.  Share with the larger group.

6.  Group into themes of like behaviors from all groups:

On a scale from 1-5, how well is our team exhibiting these behaviors with each other?

Choose 2-3 behaviors that scored the lowest.

7.  Brainstorm ideas for engaging in new behaviors.

8.  Ask for verbal commitment and agreement to engage in trust-building behaviors.

9.  Recognize your team members when you notice them engaging in the behavior agreed upon.

10.  Do a 90-day check-in virtually and recommit to the agreement.

    There’s no one “right” way to develop trust amongst colleagues. Every workplace culture is different…with varied personalities, points of view, expectations and needs.

    The purpose of this exercise is to define, develop and practice trust on your team…together. When everyone contributes to the conversation about trust, participates in defining what trust looks like on your team, and practices the agreed-upon guidelines for trust, everyone knows where they stand, can take responsibility for their part, and inevitably enjoy the connection, collaboration and cohesiveness trust offers.

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