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Introduction to Linux | Linux Essentials JumpStart

3 days
3 days
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Course description

Introduction to Linux | Linux Essentials JumpStart

Introduction to Linux is a 3-day, hands-on course that provides attendees with an essentials-level foundation in core skills for using any version of Linux. This course focuses on basic skills that ordinary users might use daily when working with Linux.

Course Objectives

This skills-focused course is about 50% lab to lecture ratio, combining expert instructor-led discussions with practical hands-on labs that emphasize current techniques, best practices and standards.

Working in a hands-on lab environment, guided by our expert practitioner, attendees will explore:

  • The Design of Linux
  • Basic Operations
  • File System Basics
  • Wildcards
  • File and Directory Permissions
  • Working with files
  • Executing Programs
  • Using find
  • Filters and other useful commands
  • The vi editor
  • Customizing the user environment
  • Networking/Communications
  • Backups and archiving

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Who should attend?

This is an introductory-level course, designed for anyone wanting to learn Linux. Attendees should be comfortable working with computers and the command line, but no other specific skills are required to attend.

Training content

  1. Introduction to UNIX
    • Design Philosophy
    • System Components
    • The Shell and Command Entry
    • Documentation
  2. Basic User Commands
    • Logging In and Logging Out
    • Command Line Editing
    • Navigating the File System
    • Viewing and Copying Files
    • Controlling the Terminal
    • Sending and Receiving Mail
  3. Text Editing
    • Types of Editors
    • From ed to ex to vi
    • Basic Editor Tasks with vi
    • Editing Multiple Files
    • Named Buffers
    • vi Startup File
  4. UNIX Processes
    • The UNIX Process Model
    • Process States
    • Monitoring and Controlling Processes
  5. The File System
    • File System Organization
    • File Types
    • File and Directory Naming Rules and Conventions
    • Commands for Navigating the File System
    • Introduction to Inodes
    • Ownership, Permissions, and Dates
    • Manipulating Files and Links
    • Manipulating Directories
    • Determining Disk Usage
    • Other File System Utilities
  6. Introduction to Shells: sh, bash, and ksh
    • Shell Functions
    • I/O Redirection and Pipes
    • Command Separation and Grouping
    • Background Execution
    • Filename Expansion
    • Shell Variables
    • Command Substitution
    • Quoting and Escaping Metacharacters
    • Bash Shell Features
    • Korn Shell Features
    • Command Execution
    • Startup Files
    • Customizing the User Environment
  7. Printing
    • Printing Under AT&T UNIX
    • Printing Under BSD UNIX
  8. Multitasking and Batch Processing
    • Multitasking
    • Scheduled Execution Using cron
    • The at and batch Commands
  9. Shell Programming
    • Shell Script Features and Capabilities
    • Creating and Running a Script
    • Working With Variables
    • Environment Variables
    • Working With Data Types
    • Input/Output Techniques
    • Conditional Constructs
    • Looping Constructs
    • for, while, until
    • Math Operators
  10. Advanced Shell Features
    • Manipulating Strings
    • Writing and Calling Functions
    • Controlling Process Priorities
    • Interpreting Command Line Arguments
    • Making Scripts Interactive
    • Special Shell Variables
    • Advanced I/O with Streams
    • Improving Performance of Scripts
  11. Text Manipulation Utilities
    • Editing a File from a Script
    • Scripting with ed or sed
    • UNIX and Linux Utilities to Manipulate Files
    • Regular Expressions
    • grep and egrep
    • The Stream Editor sed
    • Sorting in Scripts
    • Generating Reports with awk
    • Splitting Large Files
    • Counting Words, Lines, and Characters
    • Transforming File Contents
    • Extracting Text Strings
  12. File Processing Utilities
    • Examining and Comparing Files
    • Reporting Differences Between Files
    • Comparing Files of Any Format
    • Displaying Data in Octal and Hex
    • Compressing Data
    • Converting File Formats
  13. Backing Up Files
    • Backup Media
    • UNIX Device Names
    • tar and cpio
    • File Transport and Conversion with dd
  14. Networking Commands
    • UNIX Network Applications
    • Internet Applications
    • Remote Access Control Mechanisms
    • Using the Secure Shell(ssh)

Course delivery details

Course Materials: Each student will receive a Student Guide with course notes, code samples, software tutorials, step-by-step written lab instructions, diagrams and related reference materials and links (as applicable). Students will also receive the project files (or code, if applicable) and solutions required for the hands-on work.

Lab Setup Made Simple.   All course labs and solutions, data sets, Tableau course software (limited version, for course use only), detailed courseware, lab guides and resources (as applicable) are provided for attendees in our easy access, no installation required, remote lab environment for the duration of the course. Our tech team will help set up, test and verify lab access for each attendee prior to the course start date, ensuring a smooth start to class and successful hands-on course experience for all participants. 


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