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Course participant reviews for Sensitivity Training for Managers

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Jasper W.
Recognized that sometimes I can get caught up in fault-finding or blaming
Allan S.
Setting unrealitic expectations for employees can contribute to the feeling of an unfair environment
Jimmy H.
I recognize that I can come across as overly aggressive to some employees
Randy J.
I need to be careful of sharing too much personal information with staff
Dustin S.
Some employees can perceive me as a know it all and it contributes to arguments
Dani P.
My nonverbal communication can appear as threatening to some
Bobby M.
Sid D.
I learned I can come across too strong for some of my employees
Darryl B.
Sometimes I don't see how my words impact my staff
Paul k.
Some of my humor is inappropriate for the workplaceand I need to be the role model.
Tony D.
Not listening to my employees can contribute to them having a negative perception of me
Mickey C.
Sometimes I use humor at inappropriate times
Mike C.
I can let emotions get the best of me - that needs to change
Jeffrey D.
I recognize that I can come across as aloof to some of my employees
Calvin T.
I need to be more careful with the stories and jokes I like to tell
Jenera R.
Some employees may feel that I talk "at" them and not "with" them
Albertina G.
I learned I don't read people very well…need to pay more attention to facial expressions.
Jason P.
I need to deal with my employees in private and not in front of others
David B.
Sometimes I open my mouth and my brain stops. I just need to think more.
Pam G.
I recognized I may be too concerned with what other people think
Russel L.
Employees may interpret my assertive behavior as aggressive
Russell W.
I need to stop over-reacting when I get mad or upset
Terry G.
I need to be more aware of my non-verbal cues - they can come across as aggressive
Amiyna C.
Sometimes my personality can come across as polarizingto people
Judy P.
Reading the room better - "know your audience" is critical whenit comes to not offending people
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