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The Art of Mindful Leadership: How to Create Greater Workplace Engagement - In House

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Course description

The Art of Mindful Leadership: How to Create Greater Workplace Engagement - In House

Mindfulness has become a buzz word, and for good reason. Those who embrace mindfulness can find a new approach to life. Once some basic tools and mental attitudes have been learned, mindfulness can enhance many different industries and practices, such as leadership. It truly has no limits. The basics of mindfulness are an ability to manage thoughts, reduce stress and gain clearer focus. The deeper applications are aligning with your purpose, focusing on your strengths, knowing your limitations, moving through complex emotions, adopting an open attitude of learning, living fully, absorbing the present, and making hard decisions from a surer sense of self.

When mindfulness is applied to leadership, changes happen; a deeper authenticity, an ability to see beyond personal pride, and an increased empathy for your team. Mindfulness also deepens communication, and clears the mind for better problem solving. Ultimately, when expressed in leadership, mindfulness cultivates best leadership practices: integrity, authenticity, leading by values, and transformational and servant leadership styles. All increases engagement and provides bottom line results. Fundamentally, engaged organizations are driven by leadership behavior, and the best way to improve leadership behavior is through mindfulness.

In this workshop, you will learn best mindfulness practices and address the core roots of organizational engagement, such as, purpose, values and leadership trust. You will learn how a mindful leader makes a conscious organization. The hard questions will be asked. This workshop will motivate you to remain centered in your daily life while managing today’s challenging workplace environment.

The Art of Mindful Leadership is practical, down to earth, and draws from experiences, exercises, research, and discussion associated with mindfulness for leadership development.

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Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for Leaders who are responsible for motivating employees of any type of institution, including small business, corporate, non-profit and government. Anyone who is looking to understand how to better motivate and engage employees, develop as a leader, train leaders, or apply the benefits of mindfulness to the work environment would find great value in this course. Organizations also experiencing challenge, change, or looking to bring new life into their culture would also find benefit.


There are no prerequisites, this is a stand-alone course.

Training content

Module 1 - Mindfulness

  • Connect with the present moment and know its benefits.
  • Identify their observer and thinking selves.
  • Label the stories that govern their lives.
  • Identify how they internalize stressful events.
  • Manage and make space for complex emotions, providing the ability to move through them.
  • Exercise 1 – Mindfulness Practice: The purpose of this practice is to familiarize the individual with the application of mindfulness by connecting to the present moment.
  • Exercise 2 – Unhooking from Thoughts: The purpose of this practice is to give participants the skill set of identifying the stories that guide their lives and how to remove the ones they don’t want.

Module 2 – Personal Purpose & Values

  • Understanding the importance of living from a personal sense of purpose
  • Develop a personal sense of purpose
  • Identifying a personal sense of purpose and values
  • Develop a leadership philosophy that motivates them and their team
  • Exercise 1 – Time Line: The purpose of this activity is to facilitate the discovery of a personal sense of purpose by seeing a bird’s eye view of the participants’ entire life, analyzing their past through the lenses of passion, purpose, meaning and imagining their future.
  • Exercise 2 – Discovery of Values: The purpose of this activity is to consciously live one’s values. To discover, label, and align them with the participant’s purpose, and then make them into guideposts throughout one’s life.

Module 3 – A Mindful Leader Makes a Conscious Organization

  • Identify and motivate employees with the organization’s core purpose.
  • Create the story of the organization’s values.
  • Live by example by aligning organizational values with yours.
  • Get buy-in from the team on a vision of purpose and values.
  • Understand the benefit of workplace rituals
  • Identify the three ways employees make meaning from their roles.
  • Develop a strategy to facilitate organizational and leadership trust using honesty, transparency, fairness and authentic communication
  • Exercise: The story in values — The purpose of this exercise is to have the learner develop actionable behavior around desired values as guidelines for employees. The learner will create an action plan, including getting buy-in from team members and identifying forces that work for and against those values.

Wrap Up

  • Summary of key points
  • Additional resources
  • Course evaluations

Certification / Credits

Learning Objectives

After participating in this course, with practice of the tools provided, you will be able to:

  • Maintain calm and peace in a hectic and stressful work environment
  • Build and maintain organizational and leadership trust
  • Handle challenging work opportunities
  • Apply mindfulness to use in your day-to-day work environment
  • Sustain a sense of purpose
  • Experience better work relationships
  • Motivate employees by using purpose and meaning for their role
  • Display values that motivate employees
  • Develop a Leadership Philosophy that is TRUE to yourself
  • Identify your deeper intentions for limiting behavior that negatively impacts employees
  • Communicate from the authentic self
  • Advance your career by having the tools for more effective leadership
  • Stand out from peers by effectively engaging with employees

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