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Course participant reviews for Florida Atlantic University: College of Business

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Mara Raggi
Enjoyed the in depth understanding and teaching of six sigma content. Although I have had several development courses on change acceleration and quality improvement this content was comprehensive. Both validated and expanded my knowledge one the topics.
Lisa Ivory
I am extremely excited to apply the concepts I learned through the course to improve business processes, cut waste, improve productivity and customer satisfaction.
Celma Carvalho
The program used real world scenarios to illustrate scenarios and the application of six sigma methods. Jerry Bridgewater was an excellent in his delivery of models and concepts.
Mathew Wade Thomas
I found the six sigma green belt program to be quite informative and perfect for my current role. It is a very good add-on to any MBA degree by delving deeper into quality management and control.
Michael Jolly
I'm looking forward to seeing how this disciplined approach that allows data (as opposed to emotion) choose which path to take, and how it fits into program management.
Gabriella Hart
Learned many new models and instructor presented reference material from outside class and valuable info. Instructor definitely understands material and knows how to teach with a practicality method. Answered every/any question i had even if not directly related to Business Analysis.
Leroy Ramsey
Very practical information and easy to understand in terms of complexity of terms/concepts. Very knowledgeable, encouraged participation from very start, uses a lot of real-world examples.
Cason Stein
This course met my expectations about learning what a business analyst is and the role in the project. Dave is an instructor with a lot of experience, he explained each module in detail and answered all our questions.
Jaqueline Rivera
As a project manager I have to work with the BA's and I would like to learn with this program what else I can do not just to help to be successful in the projects but also what I can do to understand better the customer's needs and how to gather information from then when needed.
Carmen Effio
The program helped me a lot to evaluate how the current tasks, activities and processes that I perform are oriented to the position/role I do in the company. It will impact in how to improve or implement the requirements from existing and new customers.
Jeancaric Fernandez
This program gave me a brief knowledge into what role the business analyst plays in a company. I've learnt that the BA works closely with the project manager in identifying solutions and working towards them. Hopefully the knowledge will aid me in finding a career in Business Analysis so that I may be able to return and complete a six-sigma Blac...
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Calra Goodwin
This program is very informative and valuable. This will definitely help me to work on projects in more structured ways and implement all the elements of the program in an effective way. The catalyst for this program was the instructor "Ricardo" who is knowledgeable and highly skillful in transferring the knowledge to each and every participant.
Nathalie Livingston
This program was very thorough and informative both in terms of materials and presentation. The outside of class support from our instructor was phenomenal. I look forward to the PMP exam prep.
Nirida Villegas
With all the knowledge and skills that we learnt in this course by putting everything in practice we become better PM and we are better prepared for the work world and more and better opportunities. I can't wait to see what life has in store for me after this certificate.
Deborah Rowe
I selected this program because I felt it would be a good complement to my subject matter expertise and experience. Two program has given me an excellent set of tools, techniques and strategies to approach my current position and the requirements. I believe that the instructor was most impactful on how I learned the material. Ricardo Villa was k...
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Michael Cabal
The program provides great guidance into the tools used by project managers. It definitely helped me manage my projects better. I'll be making use of the tools we learned to improve project delivery.
Siage Clements
The ECPM course provided a great deal of structure and provided a great overview/introduction to the framework required to be a project manager. The incorporation of real life examples brought the principles to life and allowed for immediate application in current position.
Jessie Copeland
Perfect investment of time and money for sources looking to grow their careers by expanding their knowledge base, the class prepares the PM with all the tools necessary to excel. Highly recommend!!
Angel Cartangena
I am confident that I can make a greater impact in my organization by implementing my learning to manage and influence projects more effectively.
Richard Patel
Program was very enlightening as to the benefits the Six Sigma methodology and how it my benefit our company. Instructor was great and incorporated real world examples.
Griffin Clements
Helps me do my job and place importance on the right things. It helps me to present data in a better manner. I hope the hospital embraces the six sigma methodology in the future. I will be a better team participant in the existing improvement teams we have.
James Brown
The structured process of six sigma will enable me to take on projects that will review current processes and make variable recommendations to upper management. The certification will allow me to fill an official project management related position internally.
Travis Pitts
The program will benefit me for my transition back to the Chicago Site and be apart of the Lean Academy. With the academy, I will participate in various projects in every department of the company. Lastly, this will help me for my next promotion.
Willai, Gallert
During this class, I was finally able to understand the whole purpose of my undergraduate Business operations and statistics course and how to apply the knowledge. I plan to use my newfound knowledge to lay the foundation of our BA program here in the department at FAU.
Addison Terry
It is an excellent program that complements my PMP certification and will definite help to better myself as a project manager. It provided better and more efficient tools and processes for me to use and achieve the best outcomes that add value to my workplace.
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