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Course participant reviews for Florida Atlantic University: College of Business

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Mohammed Alam
The Green Belt program at FAU summarized all the industry jargon you hear in manufacturing. I am now confident to use the data at my firm in order to provide value for our customers.
Adrienne Curtis
Awesome class, learned a lot in such short time. I will be able to use the processes and procedures to get a leg up in my workplace. It was a pleasure having Jerry Bridgewater as our professor. He did a great job!
Tiyi Sherman
This six sigma course will help me advance as an operations manager by giving me a baseline to compare current processes and methods to improve the processes that need improvement. The scope of this course helped me understand the sum of all parts and how all systems work together to create a product or service.
Jaroslavna Ljouskina
This course will help me improve/optimize work processes and maybe even find a new job with better opportunities.
Tarja Stevens
Great course that is very career related in many fields. The instructor, Jerry Bridgewater, was very professional, easy to understand with his lectures. I can highly recommend this course and instructor to other individuals and organizations!
Rick Prinzo
This program will help me organize the different opportunities whether it be in people, project or product. It will enable me to create disciplines within in order to follow through on obstacles and ensure success.
Greg Bates
This program gives a good overview of the concepts of project management.
Elayne Delgado
This program was amazing. The material was just right for an introduction course and Barbara was the perfect person to teach it. She takes the material and defines it using real world examples which aids the absorption of the materials in such a short time. I cannot wait to take more courses with her.
Colette "Co-Co" Burns
I enjoyed the course and liked working with Roger. When reading the assignments, I sometimes misunderstood what direction I needed to go. I think that some examples of the assignments would have been helpful. Thank you, Coco
Marco de Medici
I can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave me. I passed the PMP today way above target. Your database of questions and your classes really made all the difference especially the cram session at the very end on the weekend. I just thought you would want to know that another one of your students is now a PMP note the new signature line
Chad Freeman
I really enjoyed this course and it made me think of process improvement in so many other ways then what I had in the past and opened my eyes to so many other tools and ways to evaluate and improve
Eran Bohbot
This program has given me more details and tool on how to perform statistical analysis. That is the biggest piece I took away from this class. I now understand which analytical tool I should use depending on the stage of the project I am working on.
Richard Lyew
The course provides a lot of insight into various methods and techniques to be used to fix or improve business processes.
Sri Yalamanchili
It will help me execute process improvement projects and programs better, in teams and across teams. I learned several cost saving tools as well which was a bonus.
Monica Rotulde-Hernandez
I really liked the organizational and professional growth this program can provide. FAU and the professor were excellent and very supportive. I am very happy to have chosen this organization to take this certification and it will also complement my PMP and help me contribute more at work as a project manager, transforming the business and crea...
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Yamil Molinet
This course has been an eye opener for me. The tools provided were incredibly valuable for process improvement and they will help me and my organization achieve a higher level of performance.
Patricia Ryan
All in all, it was a great experience, a great intro to Six Sigma and I would highly recommend Sensei Ellis' class to colleagues and friends
Roberta McGurn
I felt this class was very informative. The materials that were covered was just enough to give you a basic understanding but not overwhelm you. Professor Zimmerman always made you think of more, or in a different perspective. She was able to spot things perhaps you didn’t think of. She always made me think border and bigger. It was very help...
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Richard McCarthy
This self-paced course turned out to be very informative and useful for my work. I need the PDUs but found myself getting really into he material as well.
Marie-Louise Swenson
I completed this online course in three weeks and sat for the PMI-PBA exam two days later. I passed with flying colors! Do I need to say more? I am so happy!
Linda Statton
This course is self-paced, easy to follow and contains all the info and practice questions you need to sit for the PMI-PBA exam. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get PMI-PBA certified.
James Adams
All you need to prepare for the actual PMI-PBA certification exam. Excellent material, excellent videos and lots of quizzes and sample questions.
Mark Sieminski
The course has provided me with additional tools to use in my day-to-day responsibilities as a project manager.
Judy Mattis
I really felt your class helped me to pass the PMP exam, truly. Keep teaching the way you do because your personality, experience, and methods are right on point, so thank you so much! I value this achievement very highly, so for that I appreciate all your help, Barbara!
Paula Aaron Rose
How important it is to use scientific measurements to collect data. How important it is to use surveys of the biggest population possible. How important it is to have simple and clear processes in place. How important it is to use the project charter and have it signed by an executive.
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