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Inclusive Leadership Learning Journey

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Course description

As our global markets, workforce, and customers become increasingly diverse, inclusive leadership is emerging as an essential capability. Inclusive leaders create and sustain work environments in which diverse perspectives, contributions, and talents flourish. They build teams and organizations where people feel a deep sense of belonging and where a focus on well-being and engagement amplifies performance. When people feel included at work — when they feel valued and respected — they’re more engaged, more productive, and more willing to deliver above and beyond what is asked of them. Organizations of all sizes and across all industries need inclusive leaders.

Inclusive Leadership expands the landscape around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), exploring a variety of dimensions in which leaders need to be inclusive. Foundational to the learning experience is a commitment to the values of DEI that goes much deeper than the business case for treating people with respect.

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Training content

Pre-Program Assessment

Before the program start, participants will take the Ken Blanchard Leader Behavior Analysis II®(LBAII®) assessment.

Session 1: Building Leadership Agility with SLII® Concepts

In this introduction to SLII®session, you’ll learn an intuitive, practical leadership framework that matches the developmental level of an employee on a task with the optimal levels of direction and support they need to succeed. The goal of this session is to enable you to successfully use a proven model for developing others based on their task-specific level of confidence, competence, and motivation.


  • Over-Supervision Versus Under-Supervision
  • “Just Right” Leadership
  • Three Skills of SLII
    • Goal Setting
    • Diagnosing
    • Matching
  • Rescripting Leadership Style Conversations
  • Role-Play and Practice

Bridge Learning Assignment

Session 2: Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The goal of this session is to broaden your perspective around your and others’ experiences of dimensions of diversity, power, and privilege. In this session, we’ ll explore ways to build a culture where conscious inclusion is embedded in business systems and processes. We will investigate ways to configure opportunity, interaction, and communication to realize the potential of diversity. And we’ll also identify ways to foster a sense of belonging where everyone feels welcome to grow, connect, and contribute.


  • Unconscious Bias: An Overview
  • The DEI Business Case
  • Exploring Dimensions of Diversity
  • Unpacking Stereotypes
  • Building Ally Skills
  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion

Bridge Learning Assignment

Session 3: 5G Connection: Helping a Multi-Generational Workforce Thrive

In the history of work, we are in an unprecedented situation where there are five generations fully ensconced in the workplace. Getting them to collaborate and work side-by-side toward shared organizational goals is not as easy as it may seem. Each generation grows up in a different context and, as a result, may have different expectations and aspirations around work. Adopting a leadership strategy that addresses the distinctive needs of various generations in the workplace will enable you to foster collaboration, enhance communication, and harness the strengths of your full workforce.

This session will provide you with techniques to gain insight into your employees' general framework of experience, which can help you better shape their work experience… and achieve stronger results. You will also learn how to stay attuned with the needs of your team so you can pivot and adapt as the workforce continues to change and grow.


  • The Five Generations
  • Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions
  • Life Stage and “Work Personality”
  • Work Policies and Organizational Culture
  • Collaboration and Teaming
  • Succession Planning

Bridge Learning Assignment

Session 4: Leveraging Diverse Thinking to Drive Innovation

This session focuses on the benefits of encouraging diversity of perspectives and experiences when working in teams, specifically to promote idea generation and creative problem solving. By working with a variety of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, individuals will discover connections and build stronger relationships within their teams.


  • The Value of Cognitive Diversity
  • Insights from Neuroscience
  • Creative Problem Solving and Innovation
  • Brainstorming and Brain “Swarming”
  • Productive Conflict and Pivotal Conversations

Bridge Learning Assignment

Session 5: Cultivating and Integrating Hybrid Teams

How do we optimize the benefits of a hybrid model so our work lives can be more purposeful, productive, and flexible? How do we anticipate invisible power differentials created by hybrid work arrangements and build in equitable practices to compensate for them? In this interactive session, we’ll explore hybrid work from a variety of perspectives, including access to resources, visibility, proximity, and productivity. We’ll look at ways to define new norms and shift team culture to maximize engagement and collaboration. We will also identify concrete actions that managers can take to create an equitable, inclusive experience .


  • A Remote and In-Person Hybrid Team Culture
  • Reimagining Team Norms and Expectations
  • Creating Balance and Equity
  • The New Rules of “Engagement”
  • Onboarding, Re-boarding, and Team Development

Course delivery details

  • Pre-Program Assessment
  • Kick-off session
  • Five Learning Sessions (16 learning hours in total)
  • Self-Paced “Bridge” Learning Assignments
  • Two 30 minute Individual 1-1 Coaching Sessions (optional)
  • Capstone Event (optional)


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Certification / Credits

  • Apply Situational Leadership concepts to increase leadership agility.
  • Foster connection and collaboration within a multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce.
  • Leverage cognitive diversity to drive innovation.
  • Build an inclusive team culture that embraces the seismic shift in how, when, and where we work.

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