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The Association of Talent Development

The Association for Talent Development is a professional membership organization supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employees around the world. We support the talent development profession by providing trusted content in the form of research, books, webcasts, events, and education programs. We host a variety of conferences several times a year, including the premier international gathering for talent development practitioners. 

Who We Serve

Our members and customers are professionals who help others achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace. They go by many titles: talent development managers, trainers, instructional designers, performance consultants, front line managers, workplace learning professionals, and more. ATD’s members come from more than 120 countries and work in organizations of all sizes and in all industry sectors. Interested in learning more about membership? You can also join a local chapter or find out about international membership.

Why ATD Education?

For more than 70 years, ATD Education’s mission has been to empower talent development professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful and remain competitive. We offer cutting-edge learning and professional development programs to bring you the latest research in the field, best practices, expert-vetted content, and tools you can immediately use on the job. Each learning experience prepares you to maximize the efficiency of your systems and processes, while supporting and developing your people.

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Classroom / Public
Business and Management
Business Analysis Length Price Location Reviews
Job Analysis 1 lesson 245 USD Distance
Business Innovation
ATD Forum 2018 Fall Lab 1 Lesson 199 USD Multiple (2)
Change Management
Change Management Certificate 2 days 1,580 USD Multiple (6)          
LearnNow: Design for Behavior Change 2 days 945 USD Austin
Management Skills
Foundations of Management Excellence 4 days 7,000 USD New Haven
LearnNow: Developing the High Performance Manager 2 days 945 USD Baltimore
ATD Expert Coach™ Program 4 days 3,155 USD Multiple (3)
Coaching Certificate 2 days 1,580 USD Multiple (9)          
Talent Development Summit Brazil Healthcare 1 lesson 400 USD Sao Paulo
Adult Learning: Motivating and Engaging Learners 1 lesson 245 USD Distance
ATD 2018 Peru Summit 1 lesson 375 USD Lima
LearnNow: Game Design 2 days 945 USD New York
Human Resources
Performance Management
Basics of Human Performance Improvement 1 lesson 245 USD Distance
ATD Chapter Leaders Conference 3 days 195 USD Arlington
LearnNow: Transformational Leadership 2 days 945 USD Atlanta
Learning Management
ATD 2018 China Summit 1 lesson 720 USD Beijing
ATD 2019 International Conference & Exposition 4 days 1,695 USD Washington D.C.
ATD Elements 1 lesson 360 USD Distance
ATD Master Performance Consultant™ Program 4 days 3,195 USD Multiple (8)
Consulting Skills Certificate 2 days 1,550 USD Multiple (8)          
Core 4 Conference 2018 - Foundations of Talent Development 2 days 1,145 USD Multiple (2)
Designing Learning Certificate 3 days 1,550 USD Multiple (13)          
Evaluating Learning Impact Certificate 3 days 1,795 USD Multiple (5)          
Integrated Talent Management Certificate 2 days 1,685 USD Multiple (4)          
LearnNow: Design Thinking 2 days 1,095 USD San Francisco
LearnNow: Employee Engagement From A to Z 2 days 895 USD Alexandria
LearnNow: Leverage Inclusion to Drive Engagement 2 days 945 USD Alexandria
Managing Learning Programs Certificate 3 days 1,795 USD Multiple (8)          
Mobile Learning Certificate 2 days 1,450 USD Multiple (4)          
Needs Assessment Certificate 2 days 1,550 USD Multiple (5)
Preparing for the CPLP: Instructor-Led Workshop 2 lesson(s) 1,295 USD Multiple (2)
Train the Trainer
ATD Master Trainer™ Program 4 days 2,995 USD Multiple (15)          
Training Certificate 3 days 1,750 USD Multiple (22)          
Sales Enablement Leadership & Learning Conference 2 days 1,300 USD New Orleans
Training Delivery
2018 BEST Awards Dinner & Ceremony 1 day 200 USD Oxon Hill
European Summit 2018 1 lesson 1,199 USD Amsterdam
Learn From the BEST Conference 2018 1 day 495 USD Oxon Hill
LearnNow: Flipped Classroom 2 days 945 USD Chicago
LearnNow: Getting Started with Augmented and Virtual Reality 2 days 945 USD Chicago
LearnNow: Storytelling 2 days 945 USD Austin
TalentNext 2018 2 days 1,145 USD Seattle
Workforce Development
Talent Development in Industries (TDI) 2 days 1,145 USD New Haven
Talent Development Summit – Brazil Bundle 1 Lesson 400 USD Sao Paulo
Learning Management
Preparing for the CPLP: Instructor-Led Online Workshop 7 lesson(s) 1,295 USD Online          
Adult Learning: Theory to Practice 1 lesson 245 USD Multiple (2)
Learning Management
Adult Learning: Applying Learning in the Workplace 1 lesson 245 USD Multiple (2)
Adult Learning: Assessing Learning Needs 1 lesson 245 USD Multiple (2)
Adult Learning: Developing Learning Content 1 lesson 245 USD Multiple (2)
Adult Learning: Extending the Classroom 1 lesson 245 USD Multiple (2)
Adult Learning: Measuring Learning Results 1 lesson 245 USD Multiple (2)
Adult Learning: Selecting Learning Technologies 1 lesson 245 USD Multiple (2)
APTD On-Demand Course 1 lesson 1,195 USD Online
Bloom's Taxomony 1 lesson 245 USD Multiple (2)
Preparing for the CPLP: On-Demand Course 1 lesson 1,295 USD Online

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Association for Talent Development (ATD)

1640 King Street
22314 Alexandria, VA

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Danielle Buscher   |   10/17/2016
I'd never opened Articulate Storyline prior to attending this program. I left the course feeling confident and ready to start creating e-learning courses that utilize a majority of the program functionality.
Claudia Kidder   |   10/17/2016
Before taking this class I had never used Camtasia or anything like it. After today’s class I can create slides, add audio, and do some editing. I even learned how to edit voice-overs. This class gave me basic skills that I can build upon and the confidence to create more complex Camtasia movies on my own.
Eduardo Sanchez   |   10/15/2016
This course was an excellent example of how to make a webinar interactive. I also appreciated that the handouts were not just printouts of slides. ATD has credibility and chooses top-notch instructors for its courses.