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More About Training in Pittsburgh, PA

When looking for Pittsburgh you’ll generally find it towards the top of lists ranking cities on livability and employment. In truth, this is nothing new, as Pittsburgh has a long history of economic success. For a larger part of the 20th century it was second only to New York in terms of economic strength, as it is home to some of the most important steel and industrial material manufacturers in the world. This legacy is reflected both in the buildings that pepper the city’s skyline, such as the “Cathedral of Learning”, as well as the NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While Pittsburgh has mostly grown apart from manufacturing alongside the rest of the United States, nonetheless, it remains an important patch in the nation’s economic fabric. In fact, Pittsburgh is far from stuck in the past, as it leads the way not only in technology related fields but is also a powerhouse in terms of green building and development. No matter what your professional needs, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with training in Pittsburgh.

Technology Training in Pittsburgh, PA

Nowhere is the transition from industrial manufacturing to a technology driven economy clearer than when walking into a downtown warehouse that has been converted into a modern, buzzing center for network administrators, software developers, web developers and designers. In fact, many of the largest the tech companies are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With a number of major players in the IT industry either calling Pittsburgh home or maintaining a strong presence within the city, there are few places better suited to providing professional development in the field of information technology.

Healthcare and Training in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is also an ideal place for professional development in the field of biomedical technology. The city’s largest single employer, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, is also a major player in the development of technologies concerning human health and diseases and is responsible for sprouting a multitude of biomedical technology related companies. Find out more about what Pittsburgh located training providers have to offer in this field by searching for specific technologies or qualifications.

Training in Pittsburgh, PA: Industry and Production

A little publicized point of pride for residents of Pittsburgh is how green the city is. This is not just a reference to the cities green building programs and companies, but to say that, due to the veritable urban forest, it is actually quite green in Pittsburgh. The city strikes a balance between nature and industry, with a well maintained and sculpted city development program and a history of strong energy companies and policy. There are multiple training providers offering courses in energy technologies, from oil and gas to green or renewable energies. Whether working in energy operations and technology or simply alongside in a support role, consider enhancing your education in Pittsburgh.

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