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Edmonton is often called the new up and coming city in Canada. Canada's second largest city, Edmonton is a hub for culture and industry. Browse the options for training in Edmonton below ranging in format, cost and subject
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More About Edmonton

The Canadian city of Edmonton is the capital of the Alberta province and is situated by the North Saskatchewan River. Edmonton has a very good educational structure and its population is over eight and a half thousand. It is the second largest city in Canada and is home to many colleges, universities and educational institutes that offer courses in a wide variety of fields. The metropolitan area is the sixth largest in Canada and has a huge student population from diverse demography. There are more than 10 post-secondary institutions in Edmonton that offer undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate and specialized degrees.

Edmonton provides a diverse economy, but the largest major industry is petrochemicals. The region is know for its oil and natural gas reserves, giving Edmonton the title of “Oil Capital of Canada”. The potential oil supply from the region’s tar sands is second only to Saudi Arabia’s. Consider taking professional training in Edmonton in petrophysics to become a part of the thriving Edmonton economy. 

Mode of Teaching

Professionals can opt for professional training in Edmonton in almost any discipline. Training and courses can be available in many different universities, schools, colleges and seminars in a classroom setting. In-house courses are also available which helps in work-related specialization. Online courses are available in Edmonton to all people with access to the internet. Online courses are self-paced, self-timed and flexible. Online courses can facilitate training for business professionals and students who do not have time to attend conventional in-class courses. These are useful to geographically dispersed students as well.  A huge portion of the employment in Edmonton is owed to the public sector in which the training will be provided by the organization teaching is flexible.

Job Opportunities for Professionals

Edmonton is a booming economic hub in the northern region of Canada and has high job prospects for professionals with business, technology and engineering backgrounds. Its economy is dependent upon the oil and gas industries and many major petrochemical companies of Canada have their headquarters in Edmonton. Thus, students completing their studies in the energy sector are absorbed directly into these companies with high pay packages. There is high demand in the supply and service industries as they work as the driving force of the extraction engine. Students and professionals who have a knack for research and innovation will find Edmonton a very favorable place for research activities. A huge expenditure is allocated for research by both the government and private organizations making Edmonton the place-to-go for scholars and professionals. Having knowledge in supply chain management, business communication and administration will have ample opportunities in the retail businesses in Edmonton.

Canada’s premier research and education centers are located in Edmonton owing to the technological growth of the city. Edmonton is a very lively city with lots of festivals, museums and galleries. The social life in Edmonton is vibrant and it contains many big shopping malls and local businesses. They include retail and consumer product businesses in retail shops. Professionals will be more qualified for a future or current job after participating in training in Edmonton. 

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