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What is Lean?

The core focus of lean is to deliver excellent value to the customer with the use of an efficient plan that produces zero waste. Organizations who use lean principles focus on optimizing the flow of services and products rather than focusing on the individual processes involved. When organization's align lean activities and strategic objectives they are able to better solve process problems, improve operations, identify and remove waste, and maximize customer value. There are a series of lean training courses for professionals who want to learn how to implement lean thinking into their organization or build upon their knowledge.

Lean Training Courses

There are a variety of Lean training courses available that focus on different aspects of lean depending on the industry and prior knowledge level. For instance, there are specific courses that are focused on training professionals who want to apply lean principles to the service industry, healthcare industry, auditing profession, and many other individual sectors.

Although there are differences in material between courses, most lean courses cover the main elements of lean methodology, philosophy and tools, along with how to apply lean and continually improve it within an organization. Individuals who participate in a lean course will learn up-to date insights and skills needed to create a successful plan to produce fast results. 

During a lean training course, participants can also expect to learn the following:

  • Understand how value-added and non-value added activities affect process efficiency
  • Scope lean projects that align with business objectives
  • Assess process value streams in depth for optimal efficency
  • Identify the typical wastes of lean
  • Identify how waste can reduce an organization's competitive edge, profits and customer satisfaction
  • Select and apply the appropriate Lean methods and tools to reduce various types of waste
  • Achieve operational excellence through improved agility, service quality, and efficiency
  • Integrate Lean Agile development methodologies into an existing Lean/continuous improvement framework, IT organization or software development function
  • Develop a plan for leading an implementing lean

Course Formats

The are an assortment of training providers who offer a variety of lean training courses in various locations and formats. There are courses offered in a traditional classroom setting for individuals who like hands-on learning in a group environment. There are also providers who offer in-house courses that are delivered upon location. These are beneficial for companies who want to train multiple employees at once with ease and efficiency. 

There are multiple lean training courses that are now available in an online format as well. Online learning is a great option for professionals who work full time because they have the flexibility to take the class and review course material when it is most convenient for them. 

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