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Professional Training Courses in International Business

Professional Training Courses in International BusinessInternational Business is a fast paced, ever expanding field with courses covering a wide range of skills. Whether you are dealing with the management of international employees and clientele, learning how to do business abroad, or even dealing with language and cultural barriers, training in International Business is the way to go to develop your skills.

Explore the list of International Business courses below to find the program best tailored to yours needs in terms of content, type of learning, and location. Once you have found a few options, send an information request and the training provider will contact you directly.

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International Project Finance and Cash Flow Modeling
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Financial Training
1 week
6,800 USD
New York City
This week long course is intended to dissect project analysis into the key parts, highlighting differences between various business sectors...
International Trade Finance
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Financial Training
4 days
5,100 USD
This 4 day course is designed to provide a practical look at commodity finances and international trade. The program places...
International Oil and Gas Contracts
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Energy Training
4 days
6,500 USD
Oil & gas industry professionals, now more than ever, are expected and often required to maintain an in depth understanding...
International Career Institute
The knowledge gained in this Import Export training course from the International Career Institute USA can be put to use immediately. Successful...
The New York Global Treasury Management Academy
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Financial Training
4 days
4,845 USD
New York City
This interactive 4 day course is designed to guide delegates through the increasingly complex world of Treasury Management and provide...
Columbia Business School Executive Education
7 weeks
1,989 USD
There has been a marked increase in the flows of goods and services, capital and knowledge between countries in recent...
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Displaying 1-6 of 6 results

More about Professional Training Courses in International Business

International Business Training and Development OpportunititesWhat is International Business?

The world economy is continuously and rapidly expanding, causing the demand for international business and relations to increase simultaneously. Therefore, there is an increased demand for both educational international business programs and professionals working within the field. International business professionals should understand the complexity and diversity of international markets and possess a strong business and educational background.

Globalization is further lessening the burden of conducting international business, as the more global the world becomes the less distant the world feels domestically. With the use of video conferencing and instant messaging programs, it has become easier to converse internationally and conduct international business in foreign and domestic markets.

Within many forms of business, educational backgrounds are strongly encouraged but not always necessary. International business does not fall under this category. To effectively work within the field of international business, comprehensive and high-level educational backgrounds are crucial. This is true to even the most basic and entry level positions within international business. As the business climate is dynamic and constantly evolving, it is also important to engage in training courses and remain on top of the industry. Therefore, continued professional development and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge are essential if you want to succeed within the international business industry.

Areas of Study within International Business

When studying international business, many topics are covered in depth. One of the main areas that set international business apart from regular business studies is of course the international component. Understanding multi-cultural factors is an underlying element of international business. Issues within this can include cultural diversity, cross-cultural management, language barriers, political and governmental regulations, and various business etiquettes that different nations and cultures embrace. It is important to be aware of these differences, be respectful of all customs, and keep an open mind when communicating and conducting business.

Learning how to enter foreign markets is a large component of international business. There are various modes of entry, including joint ventures, acquisitions, new ventures, and partnerships that all aid a business when expanding internationally. Much of the decision behind entry modes depends on the market a corporation intends to enter and the resources they have available. If a company has little knowledge of a foreign market, they may choose to join with a domestic company to share knowledge and gain a client base. If a company has a lot of resources, they may choose to do extensive research into a new market and then open a new venture on their own. It is important for international business students and professionals to be aware of all entry options, as many corporations utilize several options depending on which market they enter.

Students of international business will further dive into how organizations operate in different countries and cultures, globalized financial systems, and the risks of entering foreign markets. Furthermore, students of international business focus on how to operate in multiple markets at the same time and how to work with virtual or remote teams.

Career Options within International Business

As stated, the demand for international business professionals is growing at a rapid pace. There are now a number of degree programs, both undergraduate and postgraduate, that have been developed within the international business industry. There are various career paths one can take within international business. A common career route is more of an entrepreneurial path and involves international expansion into new and foreign markets. Companies who are dominant in their local market may hire an international consultant to help internationalize their company or open foreign offices.

When dealing with international business, many corporations deal with multiple forms of currency. Therefore, some professionals in international business deal with taking care of the international accounting, banking, and financial areas of the company. Most countries have varying taxes, laws, and regulations, and it is important to comply with all correctly to avoid legal issues.

If you are a professional in the international business industry, consider taking one of the training courses available to enhance your knowledge and gain new competencies.