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Professional Training Courses in International Business

International Business Training

International business refers to all business activities that take place between two or more foreign parties. Due to new developments in technology and travel, the world is getting smaller and international business is becoming more and more common. In order to engage in this industry professionals need to have a firm understanding of international business operations and different business management practices used around the world. Whether you are dealing with the management of international employees and clientele, learning how to do business abroad, or even dealing with language and cultural barriers, international business training courses can teach professionals the skills needed to work in organizations that operate on a global scale. 

Search for international business training courses below and start developing the skills needed to succeed in this industry. Once you find a course that suits your needs, send an information request and the training provider will contact you back directly.

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International Project Finance and Cash Flow Modeling
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Financial Training
1 week
6,800 USD
New York City
This week-long course is intended to dissect project analysis into the key parts, highlighting differences between various business sectors and...
International Trade Finance
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Financial Training
4 days
5,100 USD
This 4-day course is designed to provide a practical look at commodity finances and international trade. The program places additional...
International Oil and Gas Contracts
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Energy Training
4 days
6,500 USD
Oil & gas industry professionals, now more than ever, are expected and often required to maintain an in-depth understanding of...
International Career Institute
The knowledge gained in this Import-Export training course from the International Career Institute USA can be put to use immediately. Successful graduates...
The New York Global Treasury Management Academy
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Financial Training
4 days
4,845 USD
New York City
This interactive 4-day course is designed to guide delegates through the increasingly complex world of Treasury Management and provide best...
Columbia Business School Executive Education
7 weeks
1,989 USD
There has been a marked increase in the flows of goods and services, capital and knowledge between countries in recent...
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Displaying 1-6 of 6 results

What is International Business?

International business refers to organizations who engage in business affairs with one more countries. This includes transactions that involve imports and exports - transfer of services, goods, technology, and more. There a variety of reasons why companies may choose to expand and conduct business internationally: economic efficiency, seeking new markets to expand into, acquiring new recourse, etc. 

No matter what the reason is for an organization to expand beyond their borders, there can be many benefits that come with it and as well as risks. In order for international business to work professionals need to know how the international market they are working with is operates, what the exchange-rate is, the extra taxes involved, and many other aspects. International business training courses are a great way to develop the knowledge to get involved in international business or make sure you are up-to-date on the latest requirements. 

International Business Courses

There are a variety of international business training courses available that focus on different elements that are important to know when operating globally. Many of the courses are designed for professionals already working internationally who want to gain new insights into their industry and expand on their knowledge. There are also select courses that are designed for individuals who have no previous experience but want to pursue international business. 

Some of the courses that individuals can choose between cover topics such as:

  • Global business
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Importing and exporting
  • International finance
  • Political and government regulations
  • International trade
  • International contracts
  • Intercultural communication
  • International management
  • Entering foreign markets
  • International risks
  • Laws and regulations

Course Formats

Individuals can find international business training in a variety of formats. There are many providers who offer traditional classroom courses in multiple locations. These types of courses are led by an instructor and usually involve course materials and live discussions. There are also training providers who offer on-site training. This is a very convenient way to train multiple employees at one time in the comfort of a companies own headquarters. 

For professionals who work a full time job, online courses are a good option. Online courses give professionals the flexibility to learn and review course material when it fits their schedule. 

Benefits of Taking an International Business Course

The demand for international business professionals is growing at a rapid pace. There are many professional opportunities within this sector, especially for those who have extra qualifications from an international business training course. These courses can also help individuals who are already working within a company gain to skills to advance and become more valuable assets to their organizations. 

Many professionals also take courses so that they can take their companies and expand internationally into new and foreign markets. Search through the training courses available to enhance your knowledge and gain new competencies in international business.