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Instrumentation training will broaden your knowledge of instrumentation regardless of your skill level! Understand measurement devices, troubleshooting and other important elements of instrumentation! Browse top instrumentation courses below! 
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Instrumentation Training Courses

The responsibilities of control and instrumentation technicians are developing, designing, installing, managing, and maintaining the systems used to control and monitor machinery, engineering systems and processes.

Instrumentation training covers a variety of topics that relate to these tasks. Many courses use individual and group problem solving to teach about field measurement devices, pressure relief and regulation, documentation, power supplies and many other important processes.

There are a number of courses available that are related to instrumentation training where participants get the chance to see the installation process, as well as the configuration and maintenance of equipment. Some other topics of study of are:

  • Funding instruments
  • Pressure measurement 
  • Flow and mass measurement
  • Integration of the system, modern trends and other processes
  • Level and flow measurement
  • Valve principles
  • Instrumentation drawing and documentation
  • Electrical drawing and documentation
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams 

Possible Formats of Instrumentation Training

The most common format of instrumentation training is a classroom course or seminars. These training events are open to qualified participants across the country. They are held in a variety of locations and dates. Be sure to contact providers if you would like information about where and when these courses are held.

Online is another great option for instrumentation technicians to keep their skills up to date. With online training, you have the option to study when and where it is the most convenient. Some online instrumentation training courses are delivered as webinars, allowing you to hear directly from and expert and even connect with other participants. In most cases, these webinars are recorded, so you can still study at your convenience.

Who Should Attend Instrumentation Courses?

Instrumentation courses are well-suited for entry level technicians, facilities and project engineers, along with professionals accustomed to work in instrumentation maintenance.

There are also courses aimed at engineers and technologists who work in the design phase of instrumentation and professionals who work in the financial markets. These courses will also benefit individuals who need to improve their basic understanding of instrumentation and control systems. 

Instrumentation Career Prospects

Certifications earned from instrumentation courses help participants to build a career as instrumentation technologists who essentially work in applying pneumatic, electronic and microcomputer measurement and control systems practically.

Oil and gas producers, chemical companies, food and beverage firms, electronic firms and utilities industry are the most popular employers of trained instrumentation personnel.

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