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Commercial law training heavily impacts the business world, and as such, is important for both legal professionals and business professionals. Browse the selection of commercial law training courses below!
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More about Commercial Law

Commercial law is considered to be a branch of civil law, and can sometimes be referred to as business law. This branch can involve issues of both private law and public law. Main legal activities of commercial law include the involvement of regulating corporate contracts, reviewing hiring processes, and the manufacture and sales of consumer goods. Commercial law training deals with the rights and conducts of individuals and businesses that are engaged in business, commerce, and consumer transactions.

Benefits of Commercial Law Training Courses

Enrollment in commercial law training courses benefits participants in that it encompasses a wide range of topics. Commercial law can include all aspects of business, including advertising and marketing, collections and bankruptcy, banking, contracts, negotiable instruments, secured transactions, and trade in general. Ensure that your team has equipped itself with the most current certifications that will benefit both your client and their organization.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

From courses about commercial lease negotiations to courses about restructuring loans, students will find that there are commercial law training courses available that suit their needs. Previous knowledge on the topic is not a necessity; classes are offered for beginners and experts alike! If a participant is looking to learn how to identify lender and borrower issues, how to discuss securitization challenges, or something within the area of study, a course can be found that covers these topics. Is your firm looking for someone who can identify key lease provisions and discuss pre-drafting considerations and due diligence? Participants can be assured that these are highlighted in commercial law training courses.

How Can I Take the Course?

Commercial law training courses will primarily be taken online. There are several classes available for the individual that prefers to take classes on their own time and participate at their own pace. For those that require a more traditional setting, classroom courses are also available. In-class commercial law training courses may have a single instructor or could even include a panel of industry experts.

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