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Training Industry Interviews brings you interviews with key thinkers in the professional training industry, to help keep you informed on hot topics, and enage with people who have taken training and seen real benefits. Below you can browse through our interviews, and read related articles to gain more insight. interviews Martin to find out why he chose Hyper Island

Choosing Hyper Island - a profound experience caught up with a very recent Hyper Island graduate, to find out about the experience and outcome of their popular  Digital Acceleration course.

We were blown away with the positive effect this 3 day course had, and how being in the New York Hyper Island office added to the experience. Read on to learn about Martin's story.

Why i learnt swedish with an online course interview

Why I chose an online course to learn Swedish spoke to Christina who had just completed her first online language course to find out about her experience and how successful she thought the course was.

Read the article to find out what was great about the learning experience, and what Christina thought could have been improved.


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