What did you think of Rosetta Stone Swedish?

Findcourses.com spoke to Christina who had just completed her first online language course to find out about her experience and how successful she thought the course was.

Rosetta Stone - Swedish

As an international company based in Sweden, many of us here at Findcourses face a unique challenge. Namely, the Swedish language. As such we thought it appropriate to have a chat with someone who has just completed one of the program options. I sat down with a friend of a friend of a friend, Christina, to do just that.

Diandra: Hey Christina, thanks for taking the time to chat!

Christina: Not a problem - it's always nice to hear a fellow American accent!

D: So which Rosetta Stone program did you take?

C: I took the Swedish Level One course. I started before moving to Sweden to be with my fiancé, now husband, and completed it while living here. They say the level one course should take about 50 hours. I think that was true for me – I did the whole thing in a little over two months.

D: How much time would you say you spent on it?

C: Maybe an hour a day for four or five days a week. The lessons are structure so that I feel like I’ve gained quite a bit for a pretty small time commitment. I made it part of my routine in the morning and would usually do it while eating breakfast. The voice recognition worked pretty well, considering I would sometimes be speaking through my oatmeal.

D: What were your overall impressions?

C: I found the program very helpful for learning the basics. I really liked it. If I had a complaint it would be that the audio/speaking feature was a bit frustrating sometimes. Some of the pronunciation was a real challenge for me, but I liked the privacy of it. Being corrected by a machine may have been frustrating but itgave me a lot of confidence, I think.

D: What did you like most about it?

C: It kept things interesting and covered a wide variety of subjects - everything from counting to going to the grocery store, to basic conversations. Living in Sweden, I think the course prepared me pretty well in the basics and has given me decent start. It was a great foundation.

D: How does it compare to traditional language learning?

C: I was learning in a classroom alongside studying Rosetta Stone and I found Rosetta to be more helpful. Comparing myself to others in my class, I think Rosetta Stone gave me an extra push when it comes to pronunciation. The flexibility with it was also nice—but I really like the way the program is structured and I recommend it to everyone! 

D: Great! Well thanks again for taking the time to chat!

C: Anytime!

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