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Maximizing Your Influence and Persuasion

4 weeks
4 weeks
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Course description

Being effective at influencing diverse stakeholders is a critical component of being an effective leader. You influence others when you drive change, present your ideas to your superiors or peers, negotiate a deal, or sell your products or services. In many situations, the reach of your formal authority--your job rank and title--is limited. The reach of formal authority is becoming even more limited in contemporary organizations, which are flatter, more cross-functional, and increasingly populated by generations who are less receptive to formal titles. 
Consider the following questions:

  • How much influence do you have at work? Do your colleagues, partners, and customers pay attention to your ideas? Can you get things done without relying on formal authority?
  • Would you like to be more effective in influencing a diverse workforce, which is increasingly less responsive to formal authority?  
  • Do you need to be more effective in influencing stakeholders beyond your organization: investors, customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, or competitors?
  • Do you need to be more effective at influencing your superiors?

This course will allow you to achieve leadership development in a way that is more effective, less expensive, and automatically leads to organizational improvement. And, because it is in an online format, you can easily make it available to your team or organization so that they, too, can be more effective leaders.

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Who should attend?

  • Leaders at all levels and functions
  • Employees in customer-facing, boundary-spanning, and cross-functional roles
  • People seeking a unique, sustainable leadership development experience
  • Teams seeking extraordinary results due to enhanced influence 

Training content

Learn how to establish authority and validate your ideas, as well as structure discussion and decision procedures to maximize influence. Understand how to effectively frame your arguments and how to counter unwanted influence.

Learn how to deliver persuasive and memorable arguments, relate to your audience, and leverage non-verbal influence techniques. Practice applying influence skills in situational challenges.

Learn how to build and leverage relationships for sustained influence and navigate stakeholder power in driving initiatives. Navigate the challenges of influence and building relationships in the face-to-face and remote (digitally mediated) scenarios.

Learn from the best practices of leaders and develop skills to practice ethical influence. Develop lasting influence habits.

Course delivery details

This four-week online course features a proprietary simulation developed by renowned Ross faculty, Professor Maxim Sytch. This simulation is designed to give you a robust and highly personalized learning experience. The program also allows you time to reflect on and apply influence techniques.


The fee is $1,200 (USD). Tuition covers access to the Influence course content, simulation, and related activities. This is a self-guided journey, however, faculty and/or executive coaches are available for additional fees to guide within the virtual environment, or for additional online executive coaching sessions.

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