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Python Mini Camp | Getting Started With Python Basics

5 days
5 days
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Course description

Python Mini Camp | Getting Started With Python Basics

Python Programming Primer / Quick Start to Python is a basic level course that provides experienced developers new to Python with basic skills needed to start using Python on the job to perform simple scripts and basic task automation. This course also serves a quick introduction to Python for technical team members or users new to Python who want to get started quickly without needing a lot of depth. Students seeking more robust hands-on training, more extensive core Python coverage or deeper skills acquisition might wish to attend another more lab-intensive course from our extensive Python training suite.

In order to do the hands-on labs, students are required to have incoming familiarity with a programming or scripting language, as this course does not teach basic programming. Students who are non-developers may attend as more of a survey course to get an overview of Python as opposed to gaining live programming skills.

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Training content

Please note that this list of topics is based on our standard course offering, evolved from typical industry uses and trends. We’ll work with you to tune this course and level of coverage to target the skills you need most. Topics, agenda and labs are subject to change, and may adjust during live delivery based on audience needs and skill-level.

Day One

1. An Overview of Python

· What is python?

· Python Timeline

· Advantages/Disadvantages of Python

· Getting help with pydoc

2. The Python Environment

· Starting Python

· Using the interpreter

· Running a Python script

· Python scripts on Unix/Windows

· Editors and IDEs

3. Getting Started

· Using variables

· Builtin functions

· Strings

· Numbers

· Converting among types

· Writing to the screen

· Command line parameters

4. Flow Control

· About flow control

· White space

· Conditional expressions

· Relational and Boolean operators

· While loops

· Alternate loop exits

5. Sequences

· About sequences

· Lists and list methods

· Tuples

· Indexing and slicing

· Iterating through a sequence

· Sequence functions, keywords, and operators

· List comprehensions

· Generator Expressions

· Nested sequences

Day Two

6. Working with files

· File overview

· Opening a text file

· Reading a text file

· Writing to a text file

· Reading and writing raw (binary) data

· Converting binary data with struct

7. Dictionaries and Sets

· About dictionaries

· Creating dictionaries

· Iterating through a dictionary

· About sets

· Creating sets

· Working with sets

8. Functions

· Defining functions

· Parameters

· Global and local scope

· Nested functions

· Returning values

9. Sorting

· The sorted() function

· Alternate keys

· Lambda functions

· Sorting collections

· Using operator.itemgetter()

· Reverse sorting

10. Errors and Exception Handling

· Syntax errors

· Exceptions

· Using try/catch/else/finally

· Handling multiple exceptions

· Ignoring exceptions


11. Modules and Packages

· The import statement

· Module search path

· Creating Modules

· Using packages

· Function and Module aliases

12. Regular Expressions

· RE syntax overview

· RE Objects

· Searching and matching

· Compilation flags

· Groups and special groups

· Replacing text

· Splitting strings

13. The standard library

· The sys module

· Launching external programs

· Math functions

· Random numbers

· The string module

· Reading CSV data

14. Introduction to Python Classes

· About o-o programming

· Defining classes

· Constructors

· Methods

· Instance data

· Properties

· Class methods and data


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