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PLC Programming Foundations and Essentials: Onsite Delivery

Canada Training Group, In Lloydminster (+1 locations)
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9 September, 2024 (+2 start dates)
3 days
2,799 CAD + tax
Next course start
9 September, 2024 (+2 start dates)
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Course description

The "PLC Programming Foundations and Essentials: Onsite Delivery" course offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), designed for individuals new to PLCs or seeking a refresher. This hands-on course covers the basics of PLC operation, programming, troubleshooting, and maintenance, using Horner Automation XL4 OCS PLCs for practical learning. Attendees will gain foundational knowledge in PLC architecture, programming languages, and applications in industrial control systems, with an emphasis on safe practices and understanding PLC functionalities in various settings.

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9 September, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Lloydminster
  • English

23 September, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Ottawa
  • English

Who should attend?

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals new to PLC programming
  • Engineers and technicians in automation, instrumentation, and control
  • Maintenance professionals looking to understand PLC-based control systems
  • Professionals seeking to refresh their knowledge in PLC programming
  • Technical managers overseeing automation project

Enrollment Information:

This course is vital for professionals seeking to leverage PLC technology in automation and control systems. With its practical approach and emphasis on essential PLC programming and operation, attendees will be well-equipped to contribute to automation projects within their organizations.

Training content

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to PLCs: Historical background, comparison with traditional computers, and an overview of PLC architecture including CPU, I/O, and power supply.
  • Programming Fundamentals: Basics of ladder logic programming, digital and analog signal processing, timers, counters, and process control applications.
  • Hands-On Experience: Each participant will have access to a Horner Automation XL4 OCS PLC for practical programming, troubleshooting, and operation exercises.
  • Software and Connectivity: Introduction to CScape software for PLC programming and monitoring, emphasizing networking capabilities of PLCs.
  • Applied Learning: Labs focused on digital and analog signals, ladder logic for motor start/stop logic, scaling analog signals, creating pulse signals with timers, and stabilizing a process with PID control.

Practical Application:

Participants will engage in hands-on labs, including:

  • Setting up and configuring the XL4 OCS PLC for digital I/O operations.
  • Implementing ladder logic for motor control circuits.
  • Scaling and interpreting analog signals for real-world applications.
  • Utilizing timers and counters to create control sequences.
  • Applying PID control for process stabilization.

Certification / Credits

Upon completion, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of PLCs and their advantages over traditional control systems.
  • Be proficient in basic PLC programming, including ladder logic, and understand how to implement digital and analog signal processing.
  • Gain practical skills in setting up, programming, and troubleshooting PLCs using the Horner Automation XL4 OCS PLC.
  • Be familiar with the use of CScape software for programming and monitoring PLC systems.
  • Understand the application of timers, counters, and PID control in automating and optimizing industrial processes.

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