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Introduction to Programming & Coding | C# .Net Basics for Non-Developers

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Companies are constantly challenged to keep their applications, development projects, products, services (and programmers!) up to speed with the latest industry tools, skills, technologies and practices to stay ahead in the ever-shifting markets that make up today’s fiercely competitive business landscape.  The need for application, web and mobile developers and coders is seemingly endless as technologies regularly change and grow to meet the modern needs of demanding industries and clients. 

There are hundreds of roles that reply on coding knowledge and programming skills.  Having programming skills can enable you to:

·         Develop applications and contribute to application development projects and teams

·         Integrate, change. expand or maintain outsourced development work being brought back in house

·         Use or maintain software, tools, systems or networks that require coding skills to operate, handle data or complete other tasks

·         Collaborate and communication more effectively with developers

·         More effectively manage development teams or projects that involve programming

To meet the need to bring this knowledge and skill in house, companies might

·         Locate, engage and hire experienced developers

·         Outsource development work to third party firms

·         Onboard new hires or recent college graduates / cohorts with limited practical experience, then train them specifically to fill these roles

·         Invest in and ‘re-skilling’ current employees into more modern and productive roles within the firm, retaining and leveraging existing company knowledge and talent.

Learning to code, even to a basic level, is a truly worthwhile investment. Having coding skills, or even basic knowledge, can elevate your ability gain a new job in programming, help you gain longer term job security in your current organization, or can even expand your current role into other areas in your team or organization.

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