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Python Basics

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Private Team Training delivered On-site or Virtually (+3 start dates)
Webinar, On-site, Self-paced Online
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Course description

Python Basics

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level language that gets work done in a hurry! Python can improve all professional’s ability to do work and is freely available on all major platforms without a charge. All lessons in our courseware are highly relevant for scripting within the workplace, including; data retrieval and storage from the local system, working with RESTful APIs, and decoding JSON.

In this course, students will learn how to get started with Python, including an overview of the Standard Library, and popular 3rd party libraries. Lessons include version control with git, storing data in list and dictionaries, working with objects and methods, conditionals, looping, creating functions, and building classes. Highly relevant labs enhance these skills as students learn how to use JSON pulled from APIs, manipulate Excel spreadsheets, create feature rich charts and graphs, and parse log files with the Python regular expression library.

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Who should attend?


Keyboard proficiency

Who Should Attend

This course is an appropriate introduction to students of any background looking to get started with Python. System administrators, network engineers, managers, and those with development skills in other programming languages will find the lessons and labs highly relevant to their disciplines.

Training content

Introduction to Python

  • Installing Python 3.x
  • Why to avoid historic Python 2.7+
  • Preparing to write Python
  • Preparing to write a Python file (*.py) - Text Editors
  • Executing a Python file
  • Python Enhancement Proposals
  • How to “speak” Python
  • Python Statements and Control Flow
  • Python Interpreter
  • Overview of the Standard Library

Version Controlling Code

  • Set up a github account
  • Github essentials
  • README course requirements
  • How to Set up a repo
  • Issue a Pull request
  • How to use “Issues” for peer review

Basics of Programming

  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Methods
  • Built in Functions
  • Functions and Arguments
  • Print()
  • White spacing basic rules
  • String Literal Escape Sequences
  • Python Variables
  • Naming Conventions & Rules
  • Types as Objects
  • Sequence Types
  • List Iteration
  • List Enumeration
  • Sequence Assignments
  • Mutable vs Immutable Objects
  • Assignment Shorthand

Python Basic Variables and Data Types

  • Numeric Types
  • Operators and Precedence / Arithmetic Expressions
  • Integers
  • Floating points

String Types

  • Generating Strings in Python
  • Common String Methods
  • Formatting String Output
  • Booleans
  • Printing and formatting strings
  • Scripting with input()
  • About raw_input()

Lists & Dictionaries & Tuples

  • LIsts
  • Mixed Lists
  • Common List Methods
  • Other List Operations
  • Dictionaries
  • Python Dictionaries
  • Keys and Values
  • Dictionary Building
  • Dictionary Methods
  • Tuples
  • Python Time Tuples
  • Dictionaries vs Lists vs Tuples
  • Translating JSON to Pythonic Lists, Dictionaries and Tuples

If, elif, else

  • Relational Operators
  • Logical operators
  • Comparison Operations
  • “simple” if Statement
  • If else statements
  • If elif
  • Nested if statement

Looping with “while”

  • While usage
  • Count controlled loop
  • Event controlled loop
  • Continue
  • Break

Looping with “for”

  • The for Loop
  • For iteration examples
  • Looping across data sets
  • Looping across lists of lists
  • Looping across lists of dictionaries

Understanding Iterators

  • The range() Function
  • Taking the range() of len()
  • Iterable Objects
  • The iter() Function
  • Looping with dictionaries
  • Looping with lists

Getting Data In and Out of Pyt

  • Opening Files
  • Working with Files
  • Read data from files
  • Controlling Output Location
  • Intro to working with APIs
  • What is a “REST”ful API?
  • APIs and JSON

Python List Comprehension

  • Basic List Comprehensions
  • Compound List Comprehensions

Creating Python Functions

  • Function Basics
  • Defining Functions
  • Function Polymorphism
  • Argument Defaults
  • Lambdas
  • What is if __name__ == “__main__”
  • Local Variables
  • Variable Masking
  • Creating functions using Sorted() and sort()
  • Preventing Variable Modifications
  • Argument Matching Methods

Modules & Packages

  • Pip and pip3
  • Module Basics
  • Packages
  • Virtual environments
  • Defined modules
  • Import modules
  • From import statements
  • Namespace

Python Scope

  • Naming conventions
  • Local scope
  • Global scope
  • Nested scope

Object Oriented Python

  • About OOP
  • The Class Statements
  • Defining a class
  • Class Inheritance
  • Classes as Objects
  • Using Dictionaries
  • Understanding self
  • Class fields and constructors
  • Data structures
  • Subclasses (Inheritance)
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Static methods

(Optional) Regular Expression

  • import re library
  • Writing regular expression
  • Searching for data in files
  • Using Regular Expression to search data sets
  • Searching for data in Wireshark Traces (Python and *.pcaps)


  • Why testing leads to better programs
  • Basics of testing
  • Function testing
  • Using assert


  • Live Webinar fee: $2,195.00
  • E-Learning fee: $295.00
  • Contact the provider for more information about pricing for on-site delivery option

Continuing studies

Follow-on Courses

  • APIs and API Design with Python (5 days) ·
  • Python for Network Automation (5 days)

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2020 Student
13 Nov 2020

Chad did a really good job at using examples to get the point across and was good at explaining different topics.

2020 Student
02 Oct 2020

This class format was amazing. I enjoyed being able to code through each topic and subsequently pushing to github. Being able to have the labs along side the tmux was awesome ...

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2020 Student
02 Oct 2020

Chad is a fantastic instructor-he knows how to "read" a virtual room and knows how to keep up motivated and engaged. Great experience overall!

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