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More About Mississippi

While Mississippi still comes up near the top of any lists of highest unemployment and poverty rates, Mississippi's positive, business-friendly attitude is slowly shifting the fortune of this state. Ever since is was settled, Mississippi has had a strong farming presence. This is largely because of the Mississippi River Delta, an area with soil rich from river silt. The traditional crop grown here is cotton, but this has expanded to include large quantities of soybeans and rice. With access to rivers and ocean, Mississippi fishermen bring in large quantities of fish and shrimp every year. Mississippi is also the largest producer of farmed catfish in the US.

Advanced manufacturing is also a large industry in Mississippi. It is a leader in the production of seafaring vessels,nanotechnology, and hybrid plastics. Some reasons for the prolific number of manufacturing companies in the state are the speed of getting permits, low utility rates, and advanced transportation network. 

Professional Training in Mississippi

Professional training is a still developing area in Mississippi. Currently, courses based in the state are concentrated most highly around IT, environmental, oil and gas, and auditing & quality management. As industry in the state continues to expand, so will the number of classroom courses and seminars held here. Workplace training in Mississippi is also held by community colleges. These schools work closely with businesses located nearby in order to ensure that organizations have the workers that they need and that individuals in state get training in the jobs that are available.

In-House Training in Mississippi: Have the Courses Come to you!

Above, you will see a number of courses with the location marked as nationwide or worldwide. These are in-house or on-site courses that the providers can bring to any organization in Mississippi. The huge number of in-house training courses available means that Mississippi businesses have access to any course they could possibly need for their employees. Some of the most popular areas of in-house training are:

  • Business and Management
  • Leadership
  • Customer service
  • Project management
  • Finance

A significant benefit to in-house training as opposed to classroom courses is that most in-house training can be customized to the needs of the client. Training providers will either adapt one of their existing programs with case studies and examples that are relevant to  your company's situation or build a new program entirely from scratch to provide a comprehensive solution.

Fill out the information request form on any training in Mississippi to get directly in touch with training suppliers and see how they can help you bring your organization to the next level!

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