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Tourism Courses - Join a Leading Industry

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It has never been easier or more accessible for people to travel. The World Tourism industry predicts that world tourism will continue to grow at the rate of 4% a year. All of these travelers will need the services of those within the tourist industry.

Tourism is a very wide area that can cover everything between working as a tour operator to working at a 4 star resort on a tropical island. If you are someone who loves to travel and has an interest in hospitality, this is a great time to look into tourism courses!

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Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism (IHT)
American Hospitality Academy
16 hours
250 USD
This Introductory to Hospitality and Tourism (IHT) course delivers an overview of the hospitality and tourism industry, its growth and...
Travel and Tourism
International Career Institute
Careers in travel and tourism can be both exciting and lucrative. With the right skills, you can be accepted in well...
Business Communication in Hospitality and Tourism (BCHT)
American Hospitality Academy
16 hours
250 USD
The hospitality and tourism industry is people oriented and thrives off its ability to provide excellent service to target clientele....
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Displaying 1-3 of 3 results

Who Should be Interested in Tourism Courses?

Jobs in tourism are all about providing friendly, efficient, and attentive customer service. Because of this, excellent communication skills, patience and a friendly nature are essential to thrive in these industries. Genuine happiness and enthusiasm is impossible to fake, so work in tourism is best done by those with a real passion for it. The main thing to know about careers in tourism and hospitality is that they are never going to be your typical nine-to-five job. The job of the people who work in this sector is to ensure other people are having fun. Those who work in tourism are at their most busy when the rest of the world is enjoying their summer holiday. However, for the right person, this could be more of a bonus than a downside if they really enjoy the work.

Tourism Courses - Many Options for a Great Education

Tourism courses can fall within many areas. There are degrees commonly available at both the undergraduate and graduate level and these often cover both tourism and hospitality management. Students in these programs will learn how to manage the operations in hotels, restaurants and resorts. An undergraduate program is usually made up of general education requirements, electives, and core tourism and hospitality management courses. Internships may also be required as part of the curriculum and could be local or abroad.

There are also many tourism courses online classes that allow the student to work at their own pace. This type of course is perfect for someone who is already working, but dreams of changing their career to the world of tourism. There are also classes that focus on specific areas of tourism for those already in the industry who want to really specialize in something or the beginner who knows exactly what they want and doesn’t need a full degree.

Careers Within Tourism

Those who receive a degree or certification through tourism courses have countless career options. Many of these will include the opportunity to work in the exciting locations around the world that have the most tourists visiting them.

Two jobs within tourism that are important in helping people plan their vacations and make them as enjoyable as possible are that of travel agents and workers in tourist information centers. Their specialized knowledge of travel and tourism is greatly important in helping travelers make the most of their free time in new places. While many choose to book their trips online these days, travel agents can remove a great deal of the stress related to booking and planning a trip. They are especially helpful when large groups of people need to travel together.

Tour operators, tour guides, and staff who work at tourist attractions also help people make the most of their experiences. These roles are also especially important within slightly more extreme areas of tourism, such as adventure sport holidays, where people with special skills, training in safety, and technical knowledge are required.

Careers in passenger services are an especially important part of the tourism industry. Air cabin crews and customer service staff on trains, ferries, cruise ships and coaches are essential for transporting people to and from their destinations.

Tourism courses are available to help people on their way to whichever of these careers is they find most appealing.