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PRINCE2® is a project management methodology utilized by millions of professionals worldwide. Having a clear understanding of how to customize and apply PRINCE2 is essential to managing successful projects. Filter and find PRINCE2 training below!
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What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 stands for Projects in Controlled Environments and is the most used project management method in the world. Used by a variety of organizations and people in different industries, this responsive method is designed to provide a formula to successfully lead professionals through the important stages of project management. This project management methodology uses higher level management strategies, strategic planning and control operation scheduling mechanisms for organizational functioning.

PRINCE2 training courses are a great way to learn various management issues and improve your overall skills as a project manager.

PRINCE2 Training Courses

PRINCE2 is a project-driven management methodology which focuses on the availability of resources and alignment of execution with the goals and objectives of the organization. PRINCE2 training courses are designed to provide participants with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2 method and gain the knowledge to work with it and apply it effectively to their place of work.

Important concepts such as foundations of project management, and the key characteristics of PRINCE2 is addressed in training courses. Participants will learn how to tailor and apply PRINCE2 themes, principles, techniques, process structure and management products to their specific projects. PRINCE2 training courses are often attended by project management professionals, human resource managers, strategic planning managers and anyone looking to enhance their project management skills.

During a course, participants will often learn:

  • Initial process of starting a project
  • Managing projects 
  • Promoting consistency of project work
  • Closing of the project which includes feedback mechanisms and evaluation processes

Course Formats

PRINCE2 training courses are offered in a variety of formats. Interested candidates can find a series of class-room based courses in different states across the US. These courses are often led by certified instructors who provide practical instruction and hands on experience in their lessons. Many providers also offer in-house training for companies who prefer to have it delivered at their location. This option is great for companies who want to train multiple employees at one time without the time and hassle of sending them out to a course. 

Many PRINCE2 training courses are also available online. Online-courses are a very popular option among busy working professionals. With online courses, individuals have the flexibility to learn and review course material when it is most convenient to them. 

Benefits of PRINCE2 Training Courses

PRINCE2 training courses are internationally recognized and come with many advantages for those who attend one. Not only will courses help professionals learn how to successfully use and apply PRINCE2 methods, but they will also prepare them to take and pass the Foundation or Practitioner exam. Upon passing the exam, professionals will receive a PRINCE2 certification which will help them move up in their project management careers. Search for a PRINCE2 course and sort by format, price, or location to ensure you find one that suits your individual needs. 

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