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Essentials of Online Compliance Training

Online compliance training courses help employees to understand and take more responsibility in ensuring that their work place is respectable and hospitable. Compliance courses enable organizations that participate to identify and prevent violations by their employees that could lead to legal liability for the participating organization. It also allows organizations to be able to defend themselves legally in the case of an employee violation despite the employee having been provided appropriate training in the form of compliance courses.

Compliance Training Online Format

These online compliance training courses are distance learning courses and are available in the form of open and scheduled courses and are conducted all over the world. Distance learning courses are usually conducted via the e learning mode, with the help of emails, web seminars, teleconference, video and audio conferencing etc. The method of education in the distance learning mode is great for people who can combine their job and family commitments along with studies.

The study hour for such distance learning courses are very flexible and can be completed at the participants’ own pace and convenience. Online compliance training courses provide a solid foundation which help in building effective ethics, culture, and compliance.

Compliance Training Online Course Content

Compliance courses are comprehensive in terms of their lecture manuals covering an extensive range of topics. These provide participants with tools and techniques to succeed along with broader perspective and systematic approaches to improve the existing programs.

They cover topics such as:

  • honesty and fairness
  • conflicts of interests
  • diversity and respect
  • health and safety
  • work environment
  • business records
  • electronic communications
  • insider trading
  • fair disclosure
  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • bribery and kickbacks
  • political activity
  • working with integrity
  • anti-competitive conduct
  • reporting violence
  • acknowledgement
  • sanctions and trade embargoes
  • reporting violence and workplace violence

Advantages of Compliance Training Online

Increased Productivity of Business

Compliance courses are required to help employees understand their duties and perform them in an efficient manner. Errors that may result in penalties, fines and lawsuits can be better avoided by employees who are well informed about all the workplace regulations. Knowing the regulations helps employees work efficiently within the legal framework.

Increased Transparency

If the company follows all laws then there will be better transparency. This higher level of transparency makes identifying violations of conduct easier so that appropriate corrective measures can be taken.


There will be more standardization of work method throughout an organization if the employees of an organization have participated in compliance courses.

Improvement of the Workplace

Online compliance training courses aim to help employees understand the organization’s practice standards and the regulations they must maintain. When employees have a better understanding of this then the work environment is better. 

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