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Oil and Gas Industry in Atlanta

Atlanta has one of the largest economy's in the country. It has many multinational and internationally recognized corporations operating with their headquarters here. Of the many successful industries, the oil and gas sector is continuing to grow and as a result so is the shipping and trading industry. Due to the growing presence of the industry, training courses for different occupations in the oil and gas sector have been rising as well. Many providers offer oil and gas courses in Atlanta for those looking to enter or move up in the industry. Atlanta has numerous opportunities for professionals with abundant networking and professional advancements in the oil and gas sector.

Training Courses in Oil and Gas in Atlanta

Oil and gas courses in Atlanta are becoming very popular for professionals looking to further their careers in the oil trading industry. There are a wide variety of training options available ranging from practical drilling skills to fundamentals of international oil and gas law. No matter what area you are looking to advance in, you can do it by participating in an oil and gas training course.

Typically these courses contain the following concepts including:

  •         The origins of oil and gas and their historic essentials
  •         Different types of petroleum and their conventional and unconventional uses
  •         Industry segments and distribution
  •         Study of the different market structures of oil and gas
  •         Economic issues of oil and gas
  •         Planning design for oil industry
  •         Geological aspects
  •         The valuation of oil and gas and their financial aspects
  •         Production operations
  •         Drilling engineering
  •         Wireline well logging

Training courses in oil and gas are tailored according to professionals’ needs and experience. Many professionals work on the business side of the oil exporting and thus need more of the financial aspects of training courses rather than the geological expertise. Accommodating these needs, many oil and gas courses in Atlanta are tailored in different concentrations such as petroleum business, upstream technology, operations and maintenance, and business essentials.

Training Format

Many oil and gas courses in Atlanta are provided in traditional classroom settings in variety of locations around the city. However, many corporations in Atlanta also provide professional training opportunities for candidates with in-house training facilities to instill organizational skills and capabilities. Some providers even offer courses online, giving professionals the convenience learn at their own pace and revisit course materials.

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