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Mac OS Training and E-learning

Mac OS Training and E-learning

The latest in Mac operating systems and app development

Mac OS is the operating system series produced by Apple Inc. for their computing products. It has changed dramatically over the thirty years of its existence, both in terms of the software’s interface and its internal structure.

Search the below list of courses for more information on Mac OS programs in app development, game design and operating system navigation and functionality.

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Integrating Mac OS X in the Enterprise
Learning Tree International
4 days
2,990 USD
Multiple (2)
You Will Learn How To Seamlessly integrate mobile applications for Mac and Windows Deploy, configure, and administer Mac OS X...
Displaying 1-1 of 1 results

More about Mac OS Training and E-learning

Mac OS is an important operating system for both professionals and lay-users alike. Training in iOS can be highly beneficial, whether hoping for a guide on the navigation and functions in the latest version, such as Mavericks, or looking for courses in app development. While Windows may continue to dominate the desktop, Apple’s iOS has sculpted the way that we use mobile devices. Search the above list for training in Mac OS based on your specific needs and ensure your energy is being put to the best possible use.

Mac OS X: Learn the latest Mac operating system

Much like Windows operating systems, Mac OS X is regularly updated. New operating systems are designed to harness the latest technologies, update appearance and layout and, most importantly, build stronger security. Learning how to navigate and make the best use of the latest version of the operating system will drastically improve your daily computer usage habits, not only in terms of time expended but also in what you are capable of achieving. Get started today and with e-learning or short course options for Mac OS X:

  • Mavericks
  • Mountain Lion
  • Snow Leopard
  • Leopard
  • Tiger
  • Panther
  • Jaguar

iPad Programs: for work and fun

The iPad has truly changed the way that we use computers and access the internet. Its uses in daily life have evolved drastically in the last few years.  Originally used primarily for leisure and thought to be somewhat of a novelty, iPads are now indispensable for a number of professional sectors. They have become almost indispensable for teachers, business sectors alike.

Teachers are able to make use of the intuitive touch-screen and mobile capabilities of the iPad to ensure constant engagement, no matter the lesson.  Learn how to turn technology from a distraction to an instrumental part of the class. Apple has a number of app suites designed specifically for teachers and short e-learning courses can help to provide the necessary roadmap for getting the most out of them.

Business professionals can use the iPad for a wide variety of business tasks. From  making  crucial, last-minute changes to any professional presentation, accessing your desktop remotely, giving a presentation to displaying sales brochures – the iPad has truly revolutionized  the working world. More than ever before, business professionals can stay in constant contact with colleagues, stakeholders and industry leaders.  Learn how to navigate this powerful new professional tool with e-learning and short courses specifically designed to expose users to business iPad apps and functions. Whether picking up an iPad for the first time or just hoping to learn how to take better advantage of it for business purposes, training course can help you to open up these new potentials.

Consider an e-learning subscription.

Several e-learning providers offer subscription options. This is an ideal choice anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of several different Mac operating systems or office computer programs.  For a monthly subscription fee you are able to access and large number of online courses, available to take at your convenience.