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International Translation Services Training

Connecting people and nations has never been more important

International translation services training opens doors for a wealth of professional translator opportunities in a world has never been smaller. Learn to play a vital role in conveying information and meaning between people and cultures

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More About International Translation Services Training

With the right training and skill set, professional translators can enjoy diverse and rewarding careers. The very essence of a translator's role is to convert information from one language to another, via writing or word. With such a broad scope of possible requirements and such high-demand for translators in today's international and digital landscape, translators are in a prime position to explore interesting and varied professional avenues.

Translation is not just about being multilingual; it requires a thorough understanding of content meaning, intent, cultural differences and appropriateness. Taking international translation services training will help you learn and develop these essential skills, as well as giving you valued qualifications to further your career.

Career Prospects and International Translation Services Training

Translators work with different mediums in different contexts, so there are a number of career prospects and specializations available. Depending on your specialty, you may be required to translate a wide range of material and documents, from web copy to literary texts, and legal reports to speeches. You may also be required to translate orally as an interpreter, at international events, business meetings, video seminars or conferences.

If you are a developing translator, an international translation services course can help you specialize in a number of fields or specific translation professions. Similarly, if you are an established translator and are looking to broaden your horizons, training programs can help you develop your career and qualifications, giving you more professional freedom to explore areas that interest you.

Translation careers and specialist fields include:

  • medical translation
  • international business translation
  • law/court translation
  • literary translation
  • editors and proofreaders/writers
  • intercultural service in healthcare
  • multilingual organisational communication
  • language analysts

Format of International Translation Services Training

Many translators undertake formal training to becoming accredited or certified translators, in order to demonstrate their professional competence and skills. Many start out with a degree in translation, and there are a variety of schools in the US that offer translation degrees and professional certifications. Professional training courses in international translation services are offered in the form of classroom or online courses. Online courses are beneficial in terms of low costs, fees and flexibility of attendance. A classroom course will take place at a designed time and location. This is a great option for the individual who wants to take training into their own hands or a small business who just needs to have a few employees trained.

International translation services courses are ideal for translators at all stages of their career. Whether new to the field or already qualified, these courses and their resulting certifications add value to both your prospects as a translator and the satisfaction you achieve from your work.