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Many language services companies manage e-learning and training assignments as localization projects. Our view is that localization focuses on details. Manuals and on-line help references are written by technical writers, their translation is part of a localization engineering project, and these materials are typically are used for a few minutes at a time as a reference to provide detailed answers to specific questions. Training and e-learning materials are used to impart broader knowledge – in many cases so that the trainee will be prepared to use manuals effectively. These materials are created by individuals with an educational orientation and are used in a more concentrated fashion. While details must still be accurate, it is also vitally important that the material be presented in a fashion that keeps the trainee engaged for hours at a time. A cultural faux pas, inappropriate picture or color that would be a minor annoyance in a manual can be far more detrimental in training materials where it can distract or disengage the trainee.  Our Global Training & e-Learning project teams were created to address this localization / training gap and use a comprehensive approach that includes:Dedicated Project Managers – get to know client needs by working directly with them over multiple projects.Multicultural Coordinators – insure that the cultural and language issues are anticipated and addressed as early as possible – especially for programs that will be delivered in multiple languages.Subject Matter Expert Translators –insure that translations are properly localized and technically accurate.In Country Editors –insure that translations are culturally appropriate and presented in a manner that trainees will find engaging.Media Experts – experts in desktop publishing, voice overs, video production, user interface, and image animation are available on a project specific basis as required.Contact us to see how our dedicated team’s comprehensive approach can maximize the effectiveness of your next training or e-learning project.Supported TechnologiesSome of the technologies that we routinely work with are listed below:v  PowerPoint augmentationØ  Articulate StudioØ  Adobe PresenterØ  Adobe Captivate v  Authoring / Flash toolsØ  Trivantis Lectora SuiteØ  Action ScriptØ  MacromediaØ  Shockwave v  Video and screen captureØ  ShockwaveØ  Techsmith's Camtasia  


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