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Civil law focuses on the private relations between members of a community and individuals rather than military, religious or criminal affairs. Enroll in civil law training and learn all you need to know about this important system of law!
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Civil Law

Civil law is a branch of the legal system which, in common-law countries such as the United States or England, refers to non-criminal law. Civil proceedings are not simply proceedings which take place in civil courts. In the United States, some courts have both civil and criminal jurisdictions. Therefore, the United States refers to civil courts as a colloquial term meaning trial courts in a civil case.

Common examples of civil law include civil wrongs and contracts. Furthermore, property laws also fall under the umbrella of civil law. Civil law, like criminal law, is divided into either substantive law or procedural law. Substantive law is a statutory law regarding the legal relationships between individuals or between the state and the people, while procedural law is the set of rules governing the proceedings of the court. Consider enrolling in a civil law training course and learning more about the different aspects involved in this area. 

Civil Law Training Courses

There are a variety of civil law training courses available that focus on a number of different subjects. Some of the more common courses available discuss federal rules of civil procedure. This includes the standards, new rules and disclosure agreements. Other courses include legal issues for volunteers, enforcement of judgement, HIPPA compliance and more. Search through a number of courses and find the one that works best for you. 

Civil Law Training Course Formats

Civil law training courses are offered in different cities all across the United States. Individuals can choose between classroom based courses, in-house courses and online options. With classroom courses individuals will benefit from a group learning environment and live instruction by an industry expert. Classroom courses vary by location, start date, length and price, so you can find the one that meets your specific needs. 

For companies or organizations who want to train multiple employees on civil law, in-house training is the best option. With in-house courses, the instructor will come directly to your location and format the training to meet your organization's individual needs. This will save you both time and money and will ensure that all employees receive the same training. 

Online courses are continuing to grow in popularity due to their easily accessible format. With online civil law training courses, professionals can work learning into their busy schedules and participate in the course when it best suits their schedule - not having to compromise work for class time. With so many options, there is no reason to wait to enroll in a Civil Law training course. 

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