Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP)

Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP)Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP)

The Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP) certification is offered through the Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM), an industry-recognized certification body for health, safety, and environmental (HSE) professionals. The CSMP certification suits those professionals who have gained HSE management skills and knowledge through training and on-the-job experience. Often the duties of CSMPs include performing occupational safety and health management activities on a part-time or full-time basis. The CSMP credential is therefore ideal for plant managers, first responders, human resources, engineers, project managers, and other HSE management professionals.

Professionals who have successfully earned the CSMP certification can demonstrate their aptitude in HSE management to their current or potential employers and meet employer requirements for career advancement. Further, the CSMP credential proves a well-rounded knowledge of safety related issues, including hazard analysis, accident investigation, safety audits, workers comp, product safety, environmental laws, and labor relations. The CSMP credential is additionally accredited through the Council on Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB).

Am I Eligible to Become a CSMP?

Consider becoming a CSMP if you are an experienced health, safety, or environmental manager and would like to solidify your skills, distinguish yourself from others in your profession or at your organization, pursue a new or higher position within the HSE management field, and increase your earning potential.

To sit for the Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP) exam, you must meet the following requirements:

ABET / Board Approved Programs – Safety Field
Education Level Safety Experience
Doctorate Eligible
Master Eligible
Bachelor Eligible
Associate 3 years
Safety-Related Field
Education Level Safety Experience
Doctorate 1 year
Master 1 year
Bachelor 2 years
Associate 4 years
Any Field
Education Level Safety Experience
Doctorate 2 years
Master 2 years
Bachelor 3 years
Associate 5 years
Holder of a Certification, Designation or Certificate
Education Level Safety Experience
GSP or ASP 1 year
CHST, OHST, or CLCS 7 years
CAIH 7 years
CSS 7 years
Safety Certificate recognized by ISHM 9 years


Once you have determined your eligibility for the CSMP exam, it may be time to prepare. The breakdown of the CSMP exam is as follows:

  • General and business management (20%)
  • Management methods and systems (38%)
  • Safety, Health, Environmental Applications (11%)
  • Risk identifications, management and control (31%)

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Retaining the CSMP Certification

Upon successful completion and passing of the CSMP exam, all professionals must remain active to keep their certification. CSMPs must complete 20 COC (Continuance of Certification) points every 5 years to maintain their certification. Additionally, CSMPs must provide written evidence of these COC points by submitting a COC worksheet or successfully passing the CSMP exam.