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Professional Certifications in AmericaProfessional Certifications in America

A professional certification is a designation earned by an individual guaranteeing their ability and qualification to perform a specific job, task, or responsibility. Professional certifications can range from various industries, including human resources (HR), accounting and finance, information technology (IT), transportation and logistics, and more. Professional certifications are issued from accrediting bodies, often in the form of a professional society or group, a university or college, or from a private certification body. Often, professional certifications are granted post-nominal letters, which are an abbreviation of the professional certification achieved.

Depending on the industry and the exact certification, the duration of these professional certifications may vary. Some certifications require an annual renewal, while others are valid for much longer lifecycles. It is common during the renewal process to attain a certain number of Continuing Education Units (CEU). Training and development courses and other educational programs are the most common form to fulfill these CEU requirements.

The following industries have various professional certifications and designations within the United States. Click on the icons below to learn more about the professional certifications available within each industries, as well as their requirements.

Last updated: 19 Jan 2017


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