21 Jun 2022

Podcast: The 90/10 Lifestyle on The Weird Works! Podcast

In this episode of The Weird Works! Podcast, Dr. Kristy and Nutrition Coach Stephanie Lincoln talk about the new 90/10 Lifestyle Online Nutritional Healing Course.

Listen to this podcast episode here

Dr. Kristy gives an overview of the evolution of nutrition coaching services at her Wellness practice, Health by Design. Because so many patients had many food sensitivities, were struggling to complete food logs for their patient visits, and most patients required more time than they have in a 10-15 minute follow-up visit, Dr. Kristy decided to incorporate nutrition coaching in her practice to answer the age-old question “What Can I Eat?!” With the amount of information that needed to be taught to a typical patient about nutrition, that is when the 90/10 Lifestyle course was born.

Dr. Kristy basically downloaded her nutritional knowledge from her brain into this course over 1 ½ years and now the 90/10 Lifestyle is available to anyone all over the world!

Nutrition Coach Stephanie discusses what she does as the primary 90/10 Lifestyle Virtual Nutrition Coach and how she helps the 90/10 Lifestyle participants navigate the course and apply the concepts and principles to their individual lives.

This was a live Zoom call with actual 90/10 Lifestyle participants, so Dr. Kristy and Stephanie take questions about the program, nutrition, and lifestyle throughout the episode.

You can listen to The Weird Works! Podcast on any of your favorite podcast listening platforms or watch the podcast video on our YouTube Channel. Get the link to both right here.


Last updated: 21 Jun 2022

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