25 May 2021

Podcast: Interview with Women’s Negotiations Expert Heather Mills

Women are culturally conditioned to be caretakers and put the needs of others before their own -- often placing them at a disadvantage during job negotiations.

So says former Class Action Attorney and Founder of Women Who Ask Heather M. Mills, my guest on the Resume Storyteller podcast.

The pandemic has hit women in the workforce particularly hard -- and it turns out that while women negotiate well when advocating for others, when it comes to themselves -- not so much.

Listen to this podcast episode here

Key Takeaways

  • Negotiations don't need to be about conflict or demands: Consider them a problem requiring a creative solution solved through conversation.

  • Information is power: Women must educate themselves to find out what goes on company-by-company -- by asking real people real questions to glean intel about a particular industry/city/role.
  • Negotiate as late as possible during the process: Doing so earlier gives away leverage. She shared a few great scripts to help navigate this.
Last updated: 25 May 2021

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