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PODCAST: Navigating startup myths: A Conversation with Sandra Shpilberg

Is there a secret formula for creating the company of your dreams?

If you've ever considered founding a startup, this podcast is a must-listen! Discover one founder’s story of starting, building, and exiting a digital health startup – all while not following the Silicon Valley formula, and not being the formula (woman, immigrant and non-programmer).

This action-packed podcast tackles the startup myths that constrain entrepreneurs while offering:

  • Key lessons for current and aspiring founders
  • The freedom to create the companies that only you can create
  • Take-aways to founding your dream business on your terms

Listen to this podcast episode here

About the Getting to 50/50 Podcast

What will it take so that there is an equitable distribution of males and females in leadership roles of our Fortune 500 companies?

How can we make the needed changes so the current generation of women will see a big shift in how many women are leading our organizations and in society?

Pratima Rao Gluckman’s Getting to 50/50 podcasts seeks answers to these questions and more.

Thought-provoking interviews, insights, book reviews and more are featured in these podcasts to discuss the changes we can all make to help bridge the gender gap at the very top and throughout our society.

Last updated: 24 Aug 2020

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