PODCAST: Redefining Tomorrow: CM2 Baseline & Core Business Processes

The IpX TrueNorth Podcast takes on CM2 Core Business Processes. Panel discussion on "commonality" as a keyword in shaping success. Listen to the podcast.

On this episode of the IpX TrueNorth Podcast we are joined by Martin Haket & Martijn Dullaart to kick off a multipart series on Redefining the Ecosystem of Tomorrow with the CM2 Core Business Processes at the focus.

Together they discuss with Joseph Anderson why configuration management and the CM2 baseline and processes are vital to companies. Commonality is a keyword in this episode from finding a common language and understanding across all functions to how commonality in processes leads to commonality across business and product infrastructures -- shaping success, product innovation, and organizational evolution.


Martin Haket, Lead Configuration Management Architect at ASML

Martijn Dullaart, Lead Configuration Management Architect at ASML

Joseph Andersion, President at IpX

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