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Do you feel your virtual team could achieve more?

Are you looking to better engage your virtual team?

At Virtual Team Builders, we know that it takes more than technology to connect your virtual team. We will teach you to successfully engage with your virtual employees resulting in a truly connected team.

Virtual Team Builders is a training and consulting company that caters to corporations and teams who depend on effective virtual collaboration to succeed. Our training is targeted towards the unique challenges faced by teams operating in a virtual environment; challenges that are present whether members work 90 feet apart or 3000 miles apart. Virtual Team Builders provides companies with the resources they need to tap into the full potential of their employees and provide them that one-of-a-kind connection typically reserved for face-to-face environments.

With over 4,500 team members and leaders in the past three years alone, Virtual Team Builders has over a decade worth of corporate and public sector training and consulting experience.  Virtual Team Builders focuses on training and consulting the team to cultivate individual and team engagement. This results in greater productivity, increased efficiency, and improved morale that provides your corporation with the competitive advantage needed to flourish.

We combine the talents of our experienced trainers, producers, consultants, coaches, and facilitators, along with the guidance of Canada’s distinguished pioneer in virtual team building, Claire Sookman. Together, we assist your team every step of the way to attain their full potential.

We are the only recognized Canadian company that specializes solely on training virtual teams … yes … that’s ALL we do.

Choosing Virtual Team Builders is your first step towards success in the virtual world.

Problems We Solve

Our everyday lives are being bombarded by the virtual world, whether we like it or not. Both our personal and professional lives have to learn how to interact effectively in the virtual world.

That’s where Virtual Team Builders comes in. Solving virtual problems in your company is our specialty.

Through training and consultation, Virtual Team Builders helps virtual teams discover, and then overcome, the problems that plague their teams. The following are the most commonly reported:

    • Disengagement
    • Leadership concerns
    • Communication difficulties
    • Team members feeling disconnected
    • Lack of accountability
    • Resistance
    • Trust concerns
    • Lack of collaboration

Your team’s ability to overcome challenges can be impacted by any of the above. Having the proper tools to succeed in the virtual world is a necessity. And Virtual Team Builders has the solution.

Virtual Team Builders offers a variety of assessment tools that support your overall corporate and virtual team objectives. Whether you require a basic needs review, or a comprehensive assessment of your virtual team, rest assured that our goal is to ensure your virtual team’s global success.

Virtual Team Needs Review: 
Through a process of interviews and completion of our trademarked questionnaire, we identify the top three challenges your team currently faces and how this is impacting your organization. Our findings outline next steps and enable us to tailor your program to best support your overall corporate and virtual team objectives.

Virtual Team Assessment
: Our Virtual Team Assessment follows a comprehensive process that examines all aspects of your virtual team’s infrastructure. We combine a one-on-one team leader consultation, with a spectrum of detailed scoring metrics, to diagnose your virtual team’s strengths and challenges in 6 core areas:

    • Logistics and Technology
    • Social Management
    • Social Engagement
    • Team Diversity
    • Personal Relationship with your job
    • Meaningful Relationship with the organization

Following your Virtual Team Assessment, we will provide a report diagnosing the overall health of your virtual team that includes:


    • Confidential individual results – each team member will be provided their top 3 challenges and top 3 strengths. These results are NOT shared with anyone else


    • Overall Team scores for each question as well as each overall section
    • Aggregate data – the leader will receive the aggregate data of all results


    • A 90-minute consultation between Virtual Team Builders and your organization’s team leader to review and explain the team leader’s own assessment results as well as that of the virtual team
    • 2 – one-hour virtual mentoring sessions with the team leader


Virtual Team Builders offers a variety of learning formats and tools to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a classroom-style environment, or to learn “on-the-go” at your own pace, our solutions are sure to meet your individual requirements. 

Online, instructor-led training courses (Synchronous Training)

Our online programs are fully interactive. They are designed to make you feel as though you are experiencing an in-person training session, with the same level of engagement as if you were actually in the room.

Face-to-Face Training

These live, 1 – 2 day sessions are conducted on-site at the location of your choice. Each energy-packed day is broken up into interactive, hands-on training, using real-life examples and best-practices for effectively managing and contributing to your virtual team.

Self-Study Program (Asynchronous Training)

Our self-study programs are available at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

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