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Navigate 3 Paradigms of Innovation Enablement

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Course description

Innovation Enablement Paradigms – The Workshop

Navigate 3 Paradigms of Innovation Enablement

Over the last 125 years, 3 distinct paradigms of Innovation Enablement have shared dominance around the globe. Each paradigm (IE1.0, IE2.0 and IE3.0) represents a fundamental change in how we view the nature of business innovation and the role of inclusion over specialization.

Each of the 3 paradigms still exists, with different answers to questions such as:

  • Who have valuable, innovative ideas to offer?
  • What are the priorities for innovation?
  • Who are given training on being innovative?
  • What is the motivation to innovate?
  • Who are given innovation project assignments?

These paradigms have emerged in a “nested” fashion: each subsequent paradigm includes the key strengths of the previous paradigm, with IE3.0 being the most inclusive. Within an organization, different leaders might operate from any one of these 3 paradigms; and any single leader might embody a blend of them. Thus, they all currently co-exist, sometimes not very peacefully, in today’s business world.

This course is fundamental to executive education - assisting senior leaders to sort out potential discord and confusion when strategizing and deciding on issues of business growth, talent management, and organizational development.

Core Concepts:

  • There are 3 major paradigms for innovation enablement that have evolved over the past decades; each has fostered its own approach to enabling innovation
  • The evolution of these 3 paradigms is analogous to the evolution of IT technology from mainframes to personal computers to mobile devices
  • Each subsequent version of innovation enablement includes the key strengths of the previous version — while adding new approaches and benefits. So version 3.0 contains the best of 1.0 and 2.0.
  • By understanding these paradigms and their evolution, you can make wise, optimal decisions for enabling innovation


  • See the wisdom in different innovation enablement paradigms, and integrate the best of each when making decisions
  • Shift skillfully between different paradigms, to better engage in business deliberations
  • Align innovation initiatives to a higher purpose, so people are energized to use their full potential in present and future projects
  • Engage more employees and stakeholders in your innovation programs, across the boundaries that normally hinder innovation

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Training content

Key Content:

  • Three paradigms for enabling innovation (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0)
  • The approach of each paradigm for enabling innovation
  • The ability to shift freely and skillfully between the 3 paradigms to better engage in business deliberations and decisions
  • Enabling innovation in a way that creates positive value for all stakeholders
  • Resolving conflict when differing paradigms are being promoted

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General Manager Operations
13 Feb 2021
Gave me a new paradigm of Innovation

Participating in VCI workshops gave me a new paradigm of Innovation. While going through the Innovation process offered by VCI, I could see the ingredient that is grossly missin...

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