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Introduction to Algorithms

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Course description

Introduction to Algorithms - Beginner E-learning from Udacity

Introduction to Algorithms

This course is designed to give participants an introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms that she light on how individuals are connected. By the end of this program you will understand the major concepts necessary for creating new algorithms for graphs and other data structures for the evaluation of the efficiency of algorithms.

Participants will examine how social networks work - the difference in severity of the problems the face, weights, sorts, connections and much more. 

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Who should attend?

This Introduction to Algorithms course is designed for those hoping to gain a solid understanding of how algorithms work and the necessary graphs and data structures necessary for evaluating their efficiency.


Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of programming and the ability to read short programs in Python.  It also assumes comfort with mathematical notation at a high school Algebra II level.

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Training content

Training topics for this Intro to Algorithms course are divided into 7 lessons:

A Social Network Magic Trick: Become familiar with Algorithm Analysis.

  • Eulerian Path
  • Correctness of Naïve
  • Russian Peasants Algorithm
  • Measuring Time
  • Steps for Naive, Steps for Russian
  • Divide and Conquer

Growth Rates in Social Networks: Use mathematical tools to analyze how things are connected.

  • Chain, Ring and Grid Networks
  • Big Theta
  • Planar Graphs
  • Nodes, Edges, Regions
  • Growth Rate of Edges in Planar Graph
  • Hypercube
  • Randomly Generated Graphs
  • N Squared
  • Tangled Hypercube

Basic Graph Algorithms: Find the quickest route to Kevin Bacon.

  • Properties of Social Networks
  • Clustering Coefficient
  • Connected Components
  • Running Time of Connected Components
  • Checking Pairwise Connectivity
  • Pairwise Shortest Path
  • Depth vs. Breadth First Search
  • Recursion Replacement
  • Marvel “Social” Network
  • Finding Bridge Edges

It’s Who You Know: Learn to keep track of your Best Friends using heaps.

  • Degree Centrality
  • Top K Via Partitioning
  • Three Partitioning Cases
  • Properties of a Heap
  • Patch Up a Heap
  • Down Heapify
  • Heap Sort

Strong and Weak Bonds:  Work with Social Networks that have edge weights.

  • Make a Tree
  • Strength of Connections
  • Weighted Social Networks
  • How to Find the Shortest Path
  • Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm
  • Floyd-Warshall Intro
  • Randomizing Clustering Coefficient
  • Bounds on the Estimate

Hardness of Network Problems: Explore what it means for a Social Network problem to be "harder" than other.

  • Tetristan
  • Exponential Running Time
  • Degrees of Hardness
  • Reduction: Long and Simple Path
  • Polynomial Time Decidable Problems
  • Non-deterministic Polynomial Time Decidable Problem
  • Clique Problem in NP
  • Find the Strangers
  • Graph Coloring is NP-Complete

Review and Application


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Estimated time for completion assuming 6 hours per week: Approx. 2 months

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