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Take Your Enterprise Soft-Skills Training From Theory to Practice

Trainica revolutionizes enterprise soft-skills training by offering a unique, easy-to-use Web-based soft-skills training and practicing platform that enables ongoing dialogue practice and feedback at any scale. The Trainica solutions can be created or customized easily and quickly by any training or HR manager, requiring no technical skills whatsoever.

Trainica enables dialogue simulations with hundreds of thousands of possible paths, something that was unimaginable with previous tools in which every branch on the dialogue tree requires extensive planning and programming.

Trainica provides businesses with a hands-on practice SAAS solution that enables employees to master Communication Skills through engaging and challenging virtual simulations. 
No matter which training methods your business currently uses, Trainica provides the best way to practice what you have learned and ensures you maximize your employees’ potential.
Trainica offers ready-made training packages for a variety of organizational skills such as: sales, service, support, managerial skills, personal skills and many more.

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