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TiPPD provides an array of “high end” training, which includes Communication Training, Management Training, Leadership Training, Presentations Skills Training, Sensitivity Training and Customer Service Training. We are unique in our training services because we instruct and coach to proficiency in each program so you’ll know “what to do,” “what to say” and “how to say it” when striving to be more successful in your career, your business, your life. We provide you with fast, effective, affordable, usable tools and strategies that make a difference!

The TiPPD Difference

How many times have you attended a 1 or 2 day training based on the multitude of bullet points telling you what you will learn; yet, during and after the training you’re at a loss because you don’t know how to apply the content. Everything makes sense logically as you think through it; yet, as you attempt to apply what you believe you know or have learned, the results are less than you had hoped? –Or others perceive you in a negative light in your efforts?

There are a few fundamental skills you must—not just know—but be able to proficiently do, in order to Communicate Effectively in any role so that your hopes of being an exceptional, respected and revered communicator comes true.

We instruct and coach to proficiency as part of our instructional strategy. We go deep into the heart of the problem that may be causing communication challenges. We will stick with you until you get it right. We want to help you “transform” your world on the job, rather than pointing out a list of bullet points to reference.

Here’s what we believe: “Knowing what to do” does not mean one “knows how to do it”.  Our instructional strategy will help you answer the following questions: 

1.      What does being an exceptional communicator look like and sound like in me?  2.      How do I build trust, rapport and gain buy in from my staff and others?3.      How do I build, rebuild or improve the perception others have of me?


You will leave training motivated and empowered:

  • You will have an action plan of things to do in an easy to understand way that will help you become the colleague, manager or leader of your dreams.

  • You will receive coaching with doable and realistic strategies you'll have tested to apply on the job.


  • You'll be able to communicate clear expectations and see the results.

  • You'll be able to hold shorter more effective conversations that build rapport

  • You’ll be able to bridge relationship gaps caused by hurt and inadvertent offenses.

  • You'll be able to speak clearly, briefly without leaving out vital information.

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Stand Out and Move Ahead in Your Career, Your Business, Your LIfe!

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