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SkillGym is a Digital Role Play platform allowing people to practice critical conversations and reflect on the impact of the acted behaviors in real-time. It leverages Neuroscience research and great technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Cinema, and Augmented Reality to provide a safe simulation environment where people can practice critical conversation scenarios in many areas (Leadership, People Management, DE&I, Sales, etc...) and grow conversational soft skills, confidence and self-awareness through self-reflection.

Over the years we have developed a strong methodology around the idea of practicing soft skills (an area where generally there is a lack of practice opportunities) to increase the effectiveness of people’s soft skills training and learning. On SkillGym, users are involved in Practicing Bootcamps where they are engaged to practice critical conversations such as giving feedback, motivating a collaborator, managing a client, dealing with a DE&I-related issue, etc., within Training Circuits designed to tackle specific challenges (Powerful Feedback, Effective Listening, Make Things happen, First-time manager, etc.).

Conversation sessions are delivered with authentic characters that are pre-recorded actors managed by our AI engine. There is no human in the loop, and it makes the tool fully scalable, while the characters answer in a very natural and realistic way as users naturally interact with them by talking with their direct voice. SkillGym analyses the utterance of the users, their tones of voice, the contents, and the moods to provide a coherent reaction by the characters. After the interaction with the characters, users are guided to an in-depth analysis of the conversation through a self-assessment, different levels of feedback, and the Augmented Replay, an Augmented Reality feature allowing people to re-watch their conversations from a third-party point of view.

It is like you sit in a movie theatre to observe yourself from an external spot. The Augmented Replay, in fact, allows a complete analysis of the conversations providing details about the impact of acted behaviors and the connection between actions and reactions of the character. It guides users to understand the character’s body language.

The objective is to ignite individual self-reflection about the impact of acted behaviors and to build empowering deja-vus that support people to be more confident and thus effective in conversations. As a last step, SkillGym provides behavioral metrics to drive development and reflection. We track up to 78 skills providing an in-depth analysis to understand and improve.

SkillGym is a methodology before being a technology. The SkillGym learning process is, in fact, deeply rooted and supported by Neurosciences as we provide a boost to the natural way the human brain evolves and develop new effective habits. We have supported almost 400.000 people so far.

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