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“I really enjoyed the practicality of each of the topics taught. Enough theory was taught to develop an understanding, and most of the topics I will go away and apply to my job straight away.”


“It was a really great balance of group work, online content and classroom lessons. For me it was heavy going as I am not an engineer and haven’t done math in a while, however, the mixture of practical (problems) and theory was excellent. Also, I found the online content and platform excellent – really easy to follow. My teacher and Virtual Mode...

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“I really like doing the problems and especially the ones which asked conceptual like if this design was not suitable what would make it work / how would you run this differently. This taught us about if we could actually apply what we had learned. More of this would be amazing. “


“I appreciate Stanley’s good balance of going with the flow of students’ questions and sticking to the course agenda. I liked that he could easily toggle between the course slides and his graph paper where Stanley drew/handwrote out useful illustrations) to demonstrate key problems.”


“The instructor had great experience in the field of both sandstone and carbonate acidizing. The notes/slides were well organized. I liked that the class was smaller in size, felt that everyone was heard that way and all questions were effectively answered.”


"I actually liked that there was a huge wave of information since the slide decks were provided to us for future reference. The specific example of past, on-going, and future projects were also nice to see."


“The instructor is clearly highly knowledgeable about the subject and was able to answer every question very well. The portions dedicated to platform infrastructure, umbilicals and subsea infrastructure were most useful to me. The case study was very useful for me in general."


“The online modules are indeed a very good complement to the training, lots of valuable information in it. The level of acknowledge of the instructor in the area as his availability. The quizzes were also a very good methodology to complement the information received during the class as online modules taking notes of the KLP are also a very good...

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"Very experienced instructor, and everything was very well organized. Before the course, I was concerned about how the virtual session would go, but the session was well organized and I felt I could join the class in an efficient way by having lots of communication with instructor and participants even over the screen. It also motivated me that ...

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“The atmosphere was good for all, the quizzes were very helpful to summarize and test the knowledge, the exchange of experience and also the possibility to share the Key learning point in only single file (amazing idea).”


“I liked that we were able to interrupt at any time to ask questions. It was a small class, so we were able to interrupt and have good discussions. The pace of the class was good.”


“I liked that we were able to interrupt at any time to ask questions. It was a small class, so we were able to interrupt and have good discussions. The pace of the class was good.”


"I liked all the videos showing complex content as well as the case studies of stucked pipe. The wording/language is often challenging to understand onsite and exactly these exercises show how to squeeze the information out and process understanding.“


“First, the teacher made a lot of effort to make the course friendly and easy to follow despite the distance. Thank you very much for that! I liked to have many rules of thumbs and equations to be used during my current work for quick answers before going to the details of simulations. I will use my books every day, and I will have my KLP on my ...

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“I really enjoyed the lessons on pumps and compressors as this is an area I wanted to learn more about, and the course had some really good information on these areas. I also enjoyed the part on LNG, and the instructor was very knowledgeable on this area. I also liked the sections covering phase envelopes, and I feel like I have a better underst...

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“I very much enjoyed Robert’s enthusiasm for teaching the subject and willingness to interact with the participants to further their understanding. I appreciated being taught a new insight into troubleshooting operational issues for a variety of processes and being able to have reference material for quick check calculations on design parameters...

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"The Kahoot quizzes were effective and reinforced learnings. I thought there was a good balance between the quizzes and the amount of exercises. I also felt Mick did a great job putting together exercises that were relevant to what we learned but also practical (incorporating drawings/P&IDs). I also really liked when we looked at pictures of cer...

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Subsurface Technologist

"Hands-on exercises, interaction with the instructor - these things definitely kept me from getting distracted, which often happens on virtual training courses! Great course overall, very engaging and I definitely picked up a lot of new things!"


"I feel like it's filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge around how log tools and measurements fit together with core data and surface measurements."


"I enjoyed the open conversation and the lecturer's style of teaching. I really appreciate the fact that the material started with the absolute basics and progressed into a proper log analysis exercise."

Deputy Wellsite Geology Project Manager

"I was satisfied with the topics. I liked all videos showing complex content as well as the case studies of stuck pipe. The wording/language is often challenging to understand onsite, and [the exercises] show how to squeeze the information out and process understanding."

Reservoir Engineer

"I really enjoyed the overall summaries about the different types of chemical EOR, field examples and all of Dr. Delshad's first hand experience and advice."

Reservoir Engineer

"Instructor was a living encyclopedia! So knowledgeable and willing to help and answer questions."


"This class was a perfect blend of theory, lab tests and field examples (my favorite). Could not be improved upon - perfect amount of time spent on each area."


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