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LemonadeLXP is an award-winning game-based training platform that helps organizations get employees job-ready, faster. With a combination of game-based microlearning, product simulations, role-play scenarios and powerful analytics, LemonadeLXP offers a refreshing approach to corporate training that delivers better, measurable training in less time.

LemonadeLXP was created by Launchfire in 2017.

USER EXPERIENCE: Engage with Games

Booster Game

Improve engagement and results with a customizable central game.

  • Drive daily participation
  • Prompt content mastery
  • Reduce time to proficiency

USER EXPERIENCE: Transform Your Content

Game-Based Learning

Don’t slap leaderboards & badges onto your existing training content. Lemonade’s game-based learning modules morph your training content into a game so people learn through play.

  • Transform your content
  • Improve knowledge comprehension, retention & application

Product Simulations

Simulations that get users to “follow the blinking light” aren’t effective because users don’t have to think to complete them. Lemonade’s challenge-based simulations make learners figure out how to use the product or technology — encouraging mastery and building confidence.

  • Build confidence using technology
  • Use for both internal and customer-facing initiatives

Role-Play Scenarios

Help employees hone their soft-skills in risk-free, life-like scenarios. Lemonade’s role-play scenarios teach employees to listen, offer top-notch customer service, and suggestively sell.

  • Improve soft-skill development
  • Build employee confidence
  • Let employees practice in risk-free scenarios

TRACKING & ANALYTICS: Measure Business Impact

Individuals & Teams

Easily spot superstars, slackers and individual skill gaps. Identify top performing teams and ones that are lagging behind.

  • Real-time performance & engagement data
  • Drill down by individual, group & team

Courses & Content

See which courses and content are driving the best results. Even better, drill down into organizational knowledge gaps so you can right the ship.

  • Identify high-performing content
  • Spot knowledge gaps

Business Impact

Training needs to affect change and drive business impact. That’s why we made Lemonade flexible enough to integrate with CRMs, ERPs, LMSs and other acrimonious systems so you can track the impact training is having on your business.

  • Track improvements over baseline
  • Track skill growth

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Author Content in a Snap

Course Authoring

Easily create and manage content with Lemonade’s intuitive course authoring portal.

  • Author game-based content
  • Import existing content
  • Link out to additional resources

Create Learning Paths

Make sure your employees get the right training, at the right time.

  • Build stepped learning with course locking
  • Trigger courses based on skill, time, or proficiency
  • Auto-recommend courses to fill knowledge & skill gaps


  • WCAG-AA Compliant
  • Single Sign On
  • Custom Integrations
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Multi-Language Capability
  • SCORM plug-in

Top 20 Training Company

Lemonade has been awarded Top 20 Training Company status by Training Industry in the following categories:

  LXP 2020

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Phone no: 1-800-896-4115