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Course participant reviews for Training Needs Analysis - Live Online

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Based on 7 reviews.

P. Lee
This course exceeded my expectations. The material was easy to navigate and the facilitators were always supportive and attentive. We were constantly engaged in learning. Everyone involved in training, especially new trainers, would benefit from taking this course.
R. White
Langevin courses are very relaxed yet informative. The "behind the scenes" work is seamless!
T. Schulzke
I love Langevin training. I have improved in my job as a direct result.
K. Ferreira
I completed certification with Langevin 20 years ago and was able to draw on the fantastic education even after a 13-year break. I was able to jump right back into training. Langevin is hands-down the best training I have ever attended.
L. Treviño
This course gave me insights I can use on-the-job. As the course progressed, I was able to take my new knowledge and apply it immediately to a current project. I feel incredibly capable and cannot wait to take more classes.
J. Kennedy
This was one of the best courses I have taken! The pace was perfect, the information was exactly what I needed, and I will be able to put this to use TODAY. I would highly recommend this course!
Paul H.
If you want to strengthen your ability to explain why training matters to your company's business results and know how and when to offer a training solution versus a non-training option, then this is definitely the course to take!
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