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The mission of Klemmer & Associates Leadership Seminars, Inc is to create bold
ethical leaders who will create a world that works for everyone with no one left out.

K&A is about supporting individuals and corporations to dramatically increase results both personally and professionally.

Our workshops produce results for corporations and individuals because they explore beliefs around commitment, loyalty, communication, honesty, success, leadership and many other key issues. Once people "see" things differently, they automatically behave differently. This is what distinguishes us from purely "motivational" work which produces a temporary high. People are inspired, but because it is experiential they literally view life differently, and it lasts. Sustainable results are a key to change.

K&A has done workshops around the world in Japan, the Philippines, Europe, Malaysia, Canada and the United States for tens of thousands of people.

Workshops are seminars for individuals and companies, held in several major cities around the USA.

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