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I realized this is making difference and great changes in my professional life. I took away some valuable lessons and useful tools that are producing effects in my life and I am feeling the difference


TAKE THIS COURSE. You will learn some great skills & things you wish you'd known when you first began your career. You will also benefit by networking with executive assistants from companies all over the world. The trainers are very knowledgeable and extremely willing to make sure everyone understands and excels in what they are sharing.

Liesbeth H

Diana is such a good speaker! I loved her approach and was surprised with all the information she had to share. Also her English language is impeccable. The course has really exceed my expectations.

Anissa M

The course was great but too focused on procurement and not enough in tendering. The lecturers were great and the course was interactive despite the online version due to COVID restrictions

Abdul H.S

Very satisfied with this course. Exercises were from actual scenarios. Very interactive involving lots of discussions and real life scenarios. Trainers were highly experienced and knowledgeable.

Abdul H.S

Sessions were very interactive with lots of discussions and practical exercises...


I greatly enjoyed the recent ACEA course which was conducted via zoom. The content of the course was interesting and varied, the trainers were very knowledgeable and supportive and included some real life examples, which made it memorable and interesting. I also learned a lot of from other participants during our team work activities. I can reco...

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Katie R

Very informative course and John was a great trainer, despite the constraints of on-line delivery.

Prossy T.C

John was very helpful and knowledgeable. He shared his experiences and resources freely which helped to put the concepts into context. I would highly recommend this course for prospective Procurement Specialists

Leonore L.C
Zaid A

The course has given me a boost of confidence and showed me how the industry the industry might evolve in the coming years and where i can focus my core strength, the instructor was also very eloquent and friendly.

Amjad I

It was a very useful experience for me. Tenders and bids management is a new subject to me, so this course gives you a holistic picture of how to understand both sides and how to manage well regardless of the nature of your work. Highly recommended.

Ismail D

The course was well organized, well driven, and most importantly, very rich in information. Thanks all


Trainer was very personable and engaging; doing the course in a small group was nice. The real-life scenarios were helpful and the explanation of the sections/functions of Teams like a house with rooms and corridors was so useful! It was also nice that the trainer and other participants recognised that not all organisations allow/activate access...

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I would have preferred the course to be a bit shorter, it was difficult to be away for 5 days when also handling work in the evenings. Some of the group work was fine - however there were too many sessions during the day. I would have preferred to have group discussions instead. I think it would have worked fine since we were a small group. I li...

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Very interesting & useful course on all the different aspects of a modern, international company. Conducted in a professional and friendly atmosphere.


A good course with relevant topics. An inspirational trainer who put the context into real life with small anecdotes. A good mixture of presentations and group work.


Great course, relevant subjects and inspiring teacher.


It’s one of the most comprehensive course I have attended in recent years. It coverde all relevant subjects and areas for a EA/PA, intensive however interesting. The instructor was very pleasant, structured and professional. I particularly enjoyed the case studies / group exercises that sparkled many great discussions among the peers. It is a to...

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Our team have recently taken ACEA course in Copenhagen, and I am very pleased with the content, structure and presentation of the course. It's a great combination of soft- and hard-wiring, providing participants with the vital for modern corporate professionals people skills, as well as an understanding of how a modern corporation works. You get...

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One of the most comprehensive course I have attended in recent years with all relevant subjects and topics you could think of for a EA/PA, although intensive but very interesting. The trainer was very pleasant, structured and professional. I particularly enjoyed the team exercises/case studies which sparkled many great and inspiring discussions ...

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Ulla V

I got very inspired by Ulrika Hedlund and her enthusiatic way of telling us about Teams, Forms, Planner, etc. However, I thought we had too little time. Would suggest 5 hours and a more structured course with timing of each subject and breaks (including a lunch break of 30 minutes). Rather 1 more hour including breaks than everything going a bit...

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I came in as a beginner so there was a lot to take in and learn. Everything was explained in a slow and understandable format with an open discussion for Q&A. I would have liked a deeper dive into some of the learnings but appreciate that 4 hours goes quickly.

Carlena J

Thank you for this Bootcamp. It was a great refresher to the introductory knowledge I begin the session with and am excited to begin trying some of the other features with my team!


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